Updaaaate From My Last Story!

Okay okay okay, so I figured some of you would like to hear about anything else that happed after I wrote that story the other night.

Well, I just got home from hanging out with Scott. The Marine my friend and I kidnapped from Coyote Ugly's. (Refer to previous story). SO he texted me today around 3pm-ish and by 4 he asked if I had plans for the super bowl, which started at 5pm my time. I responded with a "no" and so he invited me to Buffalo wild wings to watch the game with him and a friend who was also in dive school. So I called up my friend Caitlin and told her to get ready fasssst and meet me somewhere so she could come with me, since he had a friend and all. Well the two of us get there around 5:30ish and stayed for the whole game which was A LOT of fun! Then Caitlin and I went back to Scott's room on base and watched Grandma's Boy hahaha I love that movie. (By the way, the room he is staying at is freaking NIIIIICE compared to Thomas's, I think it's because Scott is staying at a Navy base lol.) But I can tell he kind of likes me, and he is SO CUTE. I still am not looking for a relationship, but I like how things are right now, if that makes sense? You know how it's always good at the beginning and no feelings get hurt? Yeahhh. So anyways, he wants to take me to see Dear John this week! I AM SO EXCITEDDDDD. Mostly because a Marine is taking me to see Dear John... I never thought thaaat would happen.

On another note, tell me if I am being too nice, too mean, or in the middle on this: SO, a couple weeks ago Courtney and I decided we'd have a girls night on Valentines Day since we were single, and I couple of our other friends were going to join. It was supposed to be like a little dinner. WELL, Courtney called me tonight while I was hanging out with Scott and was like "So we should go to the skating rink on Valentines Day"... Okay, her and a few of our other friends go every Sunday night because it's adult night, and it really started off as a joke, but they end up having fun all the time so it just stuck. I on the other hand, have never gone with them, mostly because Sunday nights are my family nights. So I thought about what if Scott wanted to do something??? and also, I don't WANT to go to the freaking skating rink on Valentines Day. So I figured I'd tell her that maybe I'd go, just incase Scott did want to do something. And then she says "What do you mean MAYBE?!" %^%$^%$#$ I would love to diss her for that reason right there. She's always trying to be the boss of everything we do. But, I felt bad and told her I would go. fml. But I am thinking I will be there for only an hour or something... She even knew I was hanging out with him... If she found a date for V-day I would understand... it's V-DAY! But I feel bad for saying we would hang out in the first place, you know? Even though she DID change our plans into something I don't even want to do, and she's making me do them. I don't know... I told Scott about it and he thinks it's weird that she wants to go skating on V-day,but I told him I may only be there an hour because I don't know what I'm doing yet lol.... We will see what happensssss...

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lol well that's just the delimma AmbienCR...<br />
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I got out of a relationship with a Marine in November... soooo 1) I'm not even LOOKING for a relationship and 2) I'm not really wanting to get myself in another long distance thing.<br />
<br />
But this guy has a month left until he has to go back to Pendleton, so we'll see what happens. I'm not expecting magic and fireworks though... I guess we will just see. But after dating a Marine I wouldn't exactly say I'd go back to dating another one, if I had the opportunity. It really all depends on the person... not their job. <br />
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If you have an opportunity to date a Marine you should take it. It would be dumb to spend any time with a friend on Valentine's day when you could be on a date with a Marine.

Caitlin- haha I want to go to the movies tonight!! because you guys have me all excited for the next time we hang out, because SO FAR he seems like a cool guy :) Hmmm I wonder if he'll want to go tonight??? He just got off work...<br />
<br />
Melissa- hahaha, don't worry I have learned my lesson!!!

awwww seee i love it!!! this is making me smile kirsten!!!! ahhhhh thats so cute you could match him i say you do it! lol he seends to have a good sense of humor which is nice :)

I still have yet to take a picture of him! hahaha but omg the outfit her wore last night was this long sleeve shirt that was blue and red, and he wore "big star" jeans from buckle... and i have the perfect shirt to match his and i have a pair of "big star" jeans as well that would match his hahahaha i was like "this may sound creepy and random buuuut, i could match what you're wearing right now" haha it was great, he was like "we should do that sometime" just kidding around, but i was like "don't tempt me, i would totally do it" mwahaha. <br />
<br />
SO if i ever do that, haha i will most def. take pics! that would be funny, but if not i am going to take some anyways! <br />
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and awww thanks girl!! :)

ahhh i love that hes starting out VERY good....i love that and no worries about skype i worked last night during superbowl it was in fact horrendous!!! hahahaha ahhhhh you need to send me a picture of him and just know im happy for you that you can and will see there are ppl who love you for you and those who cant are MISSING THE **** OUT!!

gots2luv- Thanks girl! He does seem really sweet, but I also still have my gaurd up! Not trying to get hurt again and also taking this reeeeaaaaaal slow! lol<br />
<br />
CAITLIN!!!!- Yes he is starting out very good, I must say! lol I couldn't get on skype later last night because I was at BWW with him ^^like I said in the story... but we do need to talk about this ASAP girl! lovee you!<br />
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Panda- Yeah, the previews for Dear John are on ALL THE TIME, and were bugging me too. But I've been wanting to see this foreverrrrr! And I will def update you about what happens with V-day... I hope everything turns out well.

omg omg omgggggg i am sooo happy for you girl!!!! ahhh this is great just take it slow see what happens im glad he at least treating you right and INTERESTED in you and WANTS to get to know you and allll that :)

This is so cute! See what happens with him girl, he seems like a winner. And if she is your real friend she will understand. I have fiends like that too. I would be the same way if they found something better to do on V-day I wouldn't care if they missed out on what we were going to do. I think you should go for it :)