**** The Goodbyes :/

Ughhh Roman was home for 3 freakin weeks. I got to spend my birthday with him (Feb. 5th) which was AAAMAZING! but i still hate having to say goodbye. :(  Ughh... this is the most time Roman and I i have spent together since he left for boot..... 2 years ago. and even before that we didnt spend like 3 whole weeks together... like ever. we lived in different counties and went to different schools. so yeahhhh after 3 weeks of nothing but work and Roman im probably gonna go through withdraws. lol


He will be back in Texas next month tho... i've mention in previous stories the wedding he and i will both be standing in. and he might be back in april for easter. but i have a question.... as much as i love to see him... im not sure if i want him to come home in april. bc if he comes home thats gonna take away from his leave days... and ill have to wait like 6 months or more before i see him again. but if he doesnt come home in april then he will have days savedd... and he will be able to come home sooner you know??  i mean id love to see him 4 months in a row... but is it wrong for me to wanna save it?



ugh.. im talkin to him on the phone now... he has an 19 hour drive... soooo yeahhh... buti miss him aleadyy .. this bed feels soooooo empty... this is like the worst part.

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ooh and happy birthday i knew it was one of these days and only because mine and yours are really close i just couldnt remember if mine was before or after and then i forgot lol!!!! ANYWAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY i'm glad you had an awesome time!!!

Aw sweety thats not bad at all really i feel the same if AJ gets leave i'd like to spend as much time as possible with him i suppose it makes it a little easier for us because we both in Hawaii and i do go to base often to see my parents or his and he is sometimes there but still i do know what you mean and that could change anytime cause he still might be stationed somewhere else so thats why he needs to save leave now you know. how did he nearly kill himself? just asking.

UGHHH!!!! he barely left like 3 hourss ago and he already almost killed himself. it was terrible.