I Have Malaria!!!

Hey girls!  So since I’ve been back I have literally done nothing expect sleep very lazy yes I know I just didn’t have the energy to do anything no really I’d get up walk around for five minutes and then need a nap!! my mom and Sam dragged me to the frigging hospital on Friday and where like what is up with this girl so they took some blood and did some tests. Anyway last night I couldn’t sleep and felt like crap and I thought my head was about to explode every time I moved. I took my temperature and it was extremely high and the penny suddenly dropped I might have malaria!!  This morning I phoned in and they have officially come back positive! Its still just the beginning stages and luckily I’m still taking malaria pills so it shouldn’t get bad I just need to keep doing it I’ve already been treating it with out knowing but basically its more bed and nothing else.  Lol I get a holiday in bed woohoo!!! Haha I’m kidding I still cant believe it I swear I took pills that could have supplied the whole of Cambodia but no I will get it!   


Otherwise since my last post I have spoken to my dad for like five minutes and he’s doing well it sounds like he’s a bit fed up with stuff but I think he was just having a bad day.  I also spoke to AJ’s dad and he also said that he was done with deployments and he was getting way to old for this ****.  I told AJ and he’s like I hope you recorded that cause I can almost guarantee after two months home they going to spring another surprise lol they probably will that’s our dads for you!! But we’ll see what happens.


I can’t remember if I told you but AJ’s brother was found and he was brought back here in December and has been in hospital since and was released yesterday.  I went to go see him before the malaria and he’s fine and doing really well. Anyway AJ told me they when I got home that he was being considered being award the silver star last night AJ phoned and told me that they just got news that he’s definitely getting it and he’s apparently spoken to his mom and dad and wants to finish his contract in the army and then reenlist into the marines the way our family’s are going I only see blue lol yes that’s lame I know!! Anyway I think its awesome I don’t know the whole story but the parts I do know are very scary. But I have the time so I’ll do some digging.


I kind of met my South African cousin’s best friend in Darfur – yes strange I know but it apparently happens all the time or so I’m told! So Ruan and I (Darfur SA Dude) have kept in touch and last night I got a message on Skype and he said there’s some one here who wants to meet you! It was my cousin I couldn’t believe it we spoke for a bit and then Jason Skyped me and I added him into our conversation and later my mom!! It’s was sooooooooooo cool I still can’t believe it is just so strange!!  Ooh and he said that they were coming to Hawaii at the end of June beginning July and Jason was like I’m getting married dude you have to be there and he was like sure why not – OMG this is so freaking weird I still cant believe it!!!


Alright girls I hope you good and I’m going to try and keep busy elsewhere for a bit I can’t make any promises though because I’m pretty much house bound and typing this has literally wiped me out so I’m going to have to go for another nap! Yay god that is so sad lol you have to wonder!  ANYWAY I hope you all have a fantastic day!!! love you all!!

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Lol now thats funny! U are freaking stubborn sometimes! U right just about Aaron as well now friggen go to bed damit!

Lol i seriously forgot about that! This is me home for a bit we'll see. Good luck with the studies hope u kick some butt!!

Aw, Seriously you are to stubborn at times. lol Remember when Sam was ill you wanted to do everything to make her better and you worried over her. Well she is doing the same now for you. I hopw you feel better soon and I am glad to hear they found AJ'S brother. I kept wondering what happened. and is this you home for good now? Anyway I better let you go I really need to study for UNI and have been puting it off. Lol Talk to you soon. Glad your home safe and thank God they found out you had that sooner than later so it could be treated. x x x

lol you are completely freaked out about this!! i'm fine sweety seriously it'll be alright I'm already taking meds and besides i never really went off them in the first place so indirectly i was already treating it. I'll be fine i promise so dont worry i swear between you AJ and my mom it's almost like i anounced the end of the world - its fine i'm fine i promise!!! Now stop freaking out about this please. <br />
<br />
I dont know the whole story on what happened to Aaron i just know it was bad and that he doesnt really speak to anyone about it really right now the only thing we can do is just be there for him. i know he did tell AJ and all AJ said to me was "sometimes things are just better left unsaid just be there for him" he'll tell us eventually but only when he's ready Sam honestly right now all you can do is be his friend he's still the same person and still full of **** and all he needs right now is some mormality thats it! Seriously dude he's loving it that i have malaria and keeps saying get a bed next to me and we can catch up and stay up all night. Sam all i'm saying is be patient he'll tell us eventually he just cant right now.

After you fainted for the second time in the space of five minutes and then tried to convince us you were fine you just needed water but looked like a ghost and were shaking like someone about to have fit we had to drag you there seriously dude you never faint and what was up with the shaking. Not to mention you have had a headache since you freaking got here!!! I’m just glad we know what it is now just take it easy aren’t you suppose to be in hospital or something I know I’m sorry I’m just worried that’s all. Are you contagious cause if you want you can come stay by me? So Aarons definitely getting it now its amazing I did ask AJ what happened and all he said was “ Sam I would tell you really but the last thing I want to do is freak you out.” Whatever that means what does that mean?