My Fiance Is Going To Be A Marine.

My fiance and I have been together for 2 months. He is amazing and very loving. He is not a marine yet but he is going to boot camp May 17. I feel that we haven't been together for so long and him leaving is going to kill me. I want to support him, i do support him but in reality i don't want him to go. I want him to stay with me but I just tell him I love and support you in all I do. I know it is going to be and but I need some lifting up once and a while. I need encouragement. I know us being engaged in 2 months is crazy but we just know we belong together. We were friends before we got together. Help me. I need some support. I need to know what is expected from me. I need answers for some of my questions.

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Congrats on the seems soon but if u know u love eachother then thats great! my advice...wait for a while before you get married. Everyone says your guy will change and that he will most likely wanna break up at least once before he is done with MOS school and i didnt believe anyone, but its true! They change alot and they get really stressed out and they sometimes tend to take it out on their girls if they mean to or not. Charlie is almost done with MOS school and we are back on track, but u go through alot of changing. Boot is hard because you cant talk to them or anything but after that it does start to get easier with communication. Stay strong and remember that all of us girls are going through it or have went through it so we are here to talk about any and everything with you! by the way...Im Morgan (19) and my boyfriend is Charlie(20). message me if yaa ever wanna talk!

what's the rush? ...but hey, whatever floats your boat.<br />
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i'm katie, been with my husband for 4 1/2 years, married for 5 months. :) i'm 19, he's 22. we just moved to 29 palms, but before that he was in japan for 2 years. so it's good to have him around everyday now. unfortunately he leaves on his first deployment next month.<br />
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if you ever need anything, i'm down to talk. welcome!

like they said spend as much time with him now recruit has been in boot camp for 5 weeks now we have 7 weeks left and im not going to lie it is hard as all get out b/c your so use to him being right there ....write him everyday even though most likely it will be atleast 2weeks after he leaves b4 u get a letter from him .....always tell him how proud u are of them they need the support b/c they will feel like crud b/c the drill instructors are constantly yelling at them and course nothing they do is right but its all part of the boot camp and them getting his mind ready for what he's going to be doing good luck if u have any questions my name is shenell ....are u guys east or west coast?

daaayyyuuummm 2 months...i deff would wait b4 you make anymore rash movements and see what this lifestyles about...just saying<br />
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im caitlin 19 chris is 20 and we are currently doing our second of a back to back deployment....we are just bf/gf for now...hahaha well see hes got surprises but just hasnt been home long enough for us to be comfortable enough to get married and engaged and all that good **** hahaha we dont wanna rush this we wanna do it right by our standards. anyyywho were both in cali when he not deployed he left in oct...wont be home til like this nov...

hello my name is cassaundra im 18 my fiance dutin in 18 also. we have been together since 2nd grade. i kno its crazy. lol but i mean of course on and off bt we r perfect for eachother. anywho bootcamp is sooper hard to get through but its totally doable. All you need to do is be faithful and supportive. when dustin was in bootcamp i wrote a letter for everyday that he was gone. from the day he left up until he graduated. so u jus need to support him all the way. CONGRATULATIONS on the engagment!!! just message me if need ta tlk. i am more than happy to answer any questions u have

hey girl.. Im Tiffany 19 and my husband tanner is 20.. we just got married january 2nd! and it was the best day of my life.! we have been together for 3 years and he has been in the marines for 2. it is hard.. but keep yourself busy and write all the time..the mail man will become ur best friend.. =) spend as much time together as u can before he leaves and stay strong for him!! and congrats on being happy for u.. it doesnt matter how long people are together it if you know ur right for each other that matters!

Soo personally, I wouldnt be engaged already.. but that aside.<br />
I was with my marine for 6 months before he left, i was 15.<br />
if he's leaving in May then you'll be to about 5 months.<br />
so thats close to whenever my marine went to bootcamp.<br />
look, ill be honest with you, its hard. its SUPER hard!<br />
but he's only going to be gone for three months, <br />
i know it seems like it will be terrrrrrrible.. but in all reality its just getting you ready for what<br />
else is to come. <br />
being with someone in the marine corps sucks! i'm sure i'm not the only one that would tell you that<br />
but you put up with it because its what your lover wants you to do.<br />
if you're really meant to be then things will work, just keep letting him know<br />
how much you love him and support him..<br />
<br />
but girl, he doesnt leave until MAY!! spend time with him NOW and stop worrying about it just yet!<br />
we're always here to help, though.<br />
I'm Sarah, btw. :]