I know this is totally mushy but I am sure plenty of you ladies will understand :).  My bf has been at PI since Dec. 7, 09 and I had received letters from him...however they were more like updates; while my letters were poetry, encouragement and pouring my heart out.  When I came to this site I was looking for a support system and an avenue to meet other strong ladies ( which I did find); however I became a bit concerned that my hunny was going to come home TOTALLY different then what I knew.  True he went into the MC a bit older than some ( 27); I know there would be changes but I just prayed the core of him would remain intact.  I remember when my brother went in the MC in 2001 at 18 and at 26 he is in alot of ways a  different dude with glimmers of what I remember of him growing up.

On this past Saturday I received my 3rd letter from Chauncey and I had been waiting to hear from him about us seeing each other.  God knew what I needed to hear from him and it was delivered!!! The first letter was great but this letter by far is the best....he sounded like the man I know and though stronger he assured me the feelings and his core had not changed...that i would FOREVER be "Babygurl" and I literally RAN all over this house screaming.  I had conditioned myself to concentrate on positive stuff and it has been HARD at times...but for him to verbalize he has been and is thinking of me I became OVERJOYED.  Now I have under a month before I can see him and I'm a little nervous but, I feel so positive about our relationship.  I feel that every promise made about US before he left will be kept....he is definitely the one.  I have waited a longgg time, through a bad engagement and bad relationships, for Mr. Right and was blessed with Mr. Fantastic.  I am just so grateful right now...I finally know without a doubt in my mind..its us to the end.

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Great to hear that! Don't be surprised if he DOES change drastically. The Marines will do that. The guys grow up and mature FAST. Plus it can be hard for them to put their feelings out while at PI. That's where my husband did his (before we were married) - and I don't think we exchanged letters bbut twice. They are so busy and tired!<br />
But sooo glad to hear you're happy :o)

AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!<br />
I remember the feeling!! =], its great!!!!!<br />
And dont worry..if he changes in his attitude..trust me, it'll be for the best. My bf used to be really wild and goofy., but he could also be serious(sometimes) . Now its like he takes everything more seriosly and is alot more cautious!

Thanx..gurl thats a whole other issue WHAT AM I GONNA WEAR!!!! LOL. His fav color is red and mine is blue...so i just may have to bend just a lil...im thinking of a black & red ensemble with some BADD AZZ red pumps ( yes i have a serious shoe fetish condition LOL...its all about the shoe). I'm just bubbling with excitement...now lets see if it can move me to the gym :o)

Congrats!! Enjoy it and spend the rest of your time concentrating on what you'll wear at his graduation thats always fun!!