Is MCT only 29 days for EVERYONE???

I've been hearing of alot of girls whos guy have been there for alot longer. Is that depending on their MOS?

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FailingIsNotAnOption: ...I dont think i understood that very, by school house are u referring to his MOS?<br />
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Pandabebop19: Lol, im crossing fingers and toes girl!! Is he in with the Infantry?<br />
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mlti: Lol, hello! =] Well uhmm i dont exactly know the name of his last time we talked about it he said it was only 4 weeks..i know it has smthin to do with Supply

Hello again! :D<br />
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Yes, Marine Combat Training is ONLY for 29 days, it's non-infantry. The longer ones are those in infantry which are ITB and SOI.<br />
MOS is only after 29 days of MCT, and that varies with length depending on what job your darling is in :), But wow, your Marine's MOS school is only for 4 weeks? :0<br />
I've never heard one which is that short before.. haha. What is his MOS number? Mine is 6694 =)

I swear when Brian was there it was longer...but that was 3 years ago, so either I just forget or things have changed. The school house has been my FAVORITE part of the Marine Corps. If Brian could've stayed there a year instead of 3 months, I would've been thrilled. The faster he's done w/ school, the faster he hits the fleet and (possibly) the sooner he deploys.

Ooh, thanks..thats what i thought but then some girls were saying diff<br />
Thankfully my marines MOS is only 4 weeks! =]