Good Gift Idea?!

I always talk to Ryan over the webcam and I have a hot pink zebra blanket that I always use to sleep with. It was a graduation gift from my mom and it is comfy as heck. So I want to make him a blanket because he alwasy sees it and asks me about it and says he wishes he has a blanket because he is ALWAYS cold. Welllll I was strolling around walmart in between my classes and you can make a photo collage and they will put it on fleece!!!!!!! i think it is like $12 a yard but you can use AS MANY pictures as you want too! and I emailed his mom and sister asking them to send me all of the pictures of his family like aunts uncles, grandparents, etc. so I can put all of the people he loves and misses on there :) Anywho his birthday is next month so I am going to get it for him it will be a fortune to ship though so I am going to fly up there in March or April anyways so I am going to give it to him then. But just thought I would throw that idea out there. :)

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3 Responses Feb 8, 2010

I love that idea!! aww!! that is so cute i'm sure he'll love it :D

I was thinking about doing the same for Valentines day....but i didnt get around to it because of school and i spent my money on a ticket to go see him! but last xmas i made him a marines blanket...he slept with it every night and before he left he gave it to me! i love that idea though and i hope i can do it for our 4 year aniversery!

thats so cool! im sure he'll love it.