i know its a wait and see kinda thing but i've heard alot of different things. like,

"i haven't talked to my bf at all"

"i talk to him almost everyday"

"i talk to him on sundays"

lol, i'd like to know when you girls talk to yours.

I'm sure its all 3 statements but i just would like to know, thanks!

my fiancee left for it today :/

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wow littledeviant....that sucks that thier phones get distributed. Charlie just got to keep his in his locker in MCT! and they were allowed to use it whenever they wanted to when they were on libo on the weekends!

MCT is different than SOI. if u hear a girl say they talk everyday more than likely hes SOI. My bf is in MCT on his second week. I got my first call this past Sunday n they only allowed him 20 min. Supposedly next weekend should be longer. They get to call after chow round 6:30 after all phones r distributed :]. I say ur best bet is get excited on Sunday night lol

When Lucas was in it, we talked pretty much every weekend.

Aww<br />
Well mine left last tuesday. But so far Ive only talked to him yesterday. <br />
ANd theyr gonna be out on the field for the next 2 most likely no call next sunday.

Well alot of the weekends they have libo, but sometimes they dont. I talked to charlie every weekend. but i also got to say goodnight everynight unless he was in the field. however, i was not suppose to get to talk to him during the week but he would sneak his phone. Sometimes they take their phone in their wall locker or take it to bed with them, but if they get caught they get in alot of trouble. So it all depends on when he has liberty and if he takes his phone to bed or whatever! but u will probably at least get to talk to him once a week.