I Hope He Don't Mess It Up

Ok...so my younger brother, who has been in since 2001 asked for my bf's address at PI.  For the most part my brother is a cool dude....I replied to his request by asking: I hope you not about to try to scare him? Though my brother tells me he is gonna behave I  am little edgy.  I know that the MC is a family and thats all good...but like I explained to my brother this is my relationship and ummm I dont need him to cut up. I hope he forgets to write LOL thought I truly doubt it.

heartofce heartofce
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2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

LOL....I know its cool...its just weird. Being the older sister these are the talks I give...so its cute, but odd for my younger brother to try to do this LOL. I have already told him talk all u want mess this up imma get you like I use to LOL. Seriously all is well I love my brother and my bf...they are the Marines I love the most...its great.

Lol girl its a guy thing seriously Jason got a talk from all the men in my family after he proposed its more of hey this a very special person to me dont hurt her and if u do you'll have me to deal with kind of thing and then its over they have drinks and become friends. It'll be alright!