Just Got Home From San Diego :)

hi all!! i just got home from visiting my boy in san diego. i got an extra day with him because of the snow  lol so yay! i had the most amazing time. i was worried he would be different or i would be different or our relationship just wouldnt be he same but i was so wrong. he was so nice and loving and he spoiled me way too much lol. it was our 1 year anniversary and we were rating celebrating valentines day early to so he got me a diamond necklace, diamond earrings, he got me a massage, we went to the zoo and he basically bought me anything i even looked at, it was soooo silly but so sweet. i was so amazed at how much he seemed to have missed me and how much he loved me.  he didnt care what we did as long as we were together, i had probably the best  5 days in a long time. it was the hardest thing ive ever had to do to say goodbye this time. when he left for san diego i knew  id be able to go see him so it wasnt so bad but this time i know i wont see him for 9 more months.  i was all red and puffy from crying on the plane so the flight attendant  gave me a free cookie haha go me! anyhoo just figured i would update. im so not loving going from sunny and 65 degrees to freakin 3 feet of snow and we're getting more tomorrow wtf?? lol.  also i had soo much sex!!! :) way too amazing.

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glad you had a good time..hope you get to come back sooner...enjoy being a princess and know that he loves you and thinks of you everyday,,,which keeps them going no matter what. best wishes to you both...

Thanx!! I really did have the best time. I stayed at the Howard Johnson inn-sea world and I got a good deal because I booked it on priceline along with my flight so it was cheap. Yea brandon had those days off, he had to request leave and get it approved. I'd say go for a weekend if u don't know if he'll get leave because they usually at least get liberty. Good luck and i bet you'll have so much fun. Go to sea world or the zoo, with a military idea they get in for free so u just have to pay for yourself and it's a really fun way to spend the day

Lol you've gotta love the sex! I'm glad u had a good time!

Aw yay i'm so happy for u i'm glad u had an awesome time!

well yayy :) where did you stay whenever you went up there? I am going to visit Ryan in March for his brithday and also another question you said 5 days did he have off all of those days? Because I am trying to see if he doesn't have leave then if I can still see him somewhat while I am there.