So Idk If I Should Be Mad Or Okay?!

Anyways Ryan's best guy friend called me at 3:30 and was like I couldn't sleep so I wanted to wake you up I was like wow thank. Anyways 2 hours later after he called just to ask me a few questions... He knew I am going to California sometime in March for Ryans birthday. Well he wants me to tell him whenever I go so he can go... As much as I no Ryan wants to see his friend too is it wrong if I ask if we go at seperate times? I mean maybe we can all hang out but just get seperate rooms so we can still be alone and some point. But his friend is the WOOOHOOO SINGLE lets go get laid kind of guy so I don't really know what we would be doing aha. Anyways AND I doubt it is anything but I was talking to Ryan on the webcam and he turned his head and I saw something on his neck.. looked like a hickey maybe it was a pimple haha idk? he never gets them though but I no he gets the very rarely on his neck but idk to see over the webcam I kept trying to ask questions to make him have to turn againlike where is you roommate or is that your new shirt but he never looked that way again. He was in San Diego at some hostel all weekend we talked24/7 though. Idk just sucks can't really be upset though til I actually ask, sorry I am rambling I have class in an hour and only slept an hour. I hope everyone has a good day :)

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

I'd ask really if only for my piece of mind and i agree i try to make a joke of it. And the friend i agree someones going to feel like a spare wheel try work something out that works for all three of u

I wouldn't want to go at the same time. Someone will end up feeling like the third wheel.<br />
Why wouldn't you just ask him about it when you saw it?? He could've explained and showed you up close what it really was. Now your wondering about it for longer than necessary.