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Me and my marine boyfriend started dating only one week before he was getting deployed for 6 months! I didn't expect it to be this hard and I miss him like crazy! My number one fear is his feelings changing for me while he is away. He is the MOST amazing person in the entire world....we've now been together for 2 months....and I am crazy in love with the guy which scares me! I just hope this deployment will only make us stronger!

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I feel the exact same way you are. Me and my marine didnt really even make it official until he went back from leave..but we've been friends for over a year. Its like we went from friends to a couple within a couple months but you cant control how your heart feels. Theres just something so special between us..We love each other so much its almost scary bc i've never felt like this before and i dont want to lose him. I just try and stay positive and live in the present. I try not to get ahead of myself but i find myself thinking about us spending our future together. :)

hahaha well if it makes you feel better it can make you strong me and chris are proof of that...we didnt become friends until like 2 weeks b4 he left and i felllll HARD!! like he left and i knew i loved him but i kept it quiet, he knew i liked him, but didnt realize i was IN LOVE with him...his deployment was 7 months thru those months we talked we wrote letters i sent boxes and we grew closer you would be surprised how much closer you become just by writing. we learned a lot about eachother. towards the end of the deployment [[he was in iraq btw]] we were able to IM and we were talking one night and i finally was like i like you, i havent talked to anyone i havent been with anyone i just want YOU home. he wrote back and was like <br />
i<br />
like<br />
you<br />
!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
hahaha hes goober but we got together feb of 09 he came home in march....we had a few months together and are currently doing a 13 month deployment [[hes in afghan now]]. we are stronger than everrrrrrrr we wont be broken. NEVER underestimate the power of just getting to know him and being there for him bc to you it seems normal what you willl do bc you love him but to him it means the world...and trust hes off talking to other marines abot you and missing you like crazy...all they do is think out there and they realize a lot and come back different but if you two can make it he will come back with different views on the world [[ ie. drama stupid as fuckkkkk ahaha, he will look around at ppl and notice what they take for granted and he will love and cherish his life more, bc he knows how precious it is]]] BUT he will not start disliking you. <br />
<br />
good luck message if you have questions or wanna vent :)<br />
<br />
im caitlin btw

I am going through the same thing! I met the guy im dating [is it considered dating when you cant go on dates?] 2 days before he deployed for 6 months! It is def. a unique situation. Are you two able to communicate? I pretty much live for the emails I get from my guy :) Him and I have made it through 1 month of deployment so far and I see myself falling quickly too. It is scary! Stay strong girl! Dont let yourself get too wrapped up in the "what ifs". Keep yourself busy :]