Ladies Need Your Help

ok so as some of you know i am going to see Dustin this weekend. my flight leaves friday mornin and im sooper excited.:) sooooooo i was wondering if you ladies have any suggestions on what i should take, because i don't want to forget anything. i want everything to be PERFECT! i haven't seen him in quite some time now. so any advice on how to make it the best time ever? Please Help

saundra9 saundra9
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Sorry he's in the Marine....I guessed Army instead.....

Seems like he's in the Army or other Armed Services??? the haircut gives it away. Seems like he adores you from the pic. I wouldn't worry too much of what you need to bring it's how you wear them. It doesn't take much to turn a guy on; especially, one who loves and adores you. Don't go and spend too much money on something that you only wear it once or so infront of him. Just be yourself and I am sure that will be enough for now........Have lots of fun. Be safe and play safe :-) <br />
My best always................