Deployment Brain

Just in case you think you go crazy during a deployment this is proof that I take the cake ladies. I sent the following email to M at 4:45am Sunday morning. I woke up in the middle of the night and emailed him. How random is that? He emailed me back and said "r u ok" I said yeah why? He said you sent me a really weird email. I have NO recollection of this whatsoever. So yes, I am crazy!



"I just wanted you to konw that I am ok. I am not watching the news or looking at the Mulholland Drive exit. I got there on time, but this is the second time I was thinking about hte other  emails you sentl. You seem pretty. Brea=========="

Caligirl125 Caligirl125
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5 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Hahah! Oh man.

i think its freaking hilarious! <br />

hahha tracy this makes me laugh EVERYTIME i read it lol ohhh man!!!! so funny!!!

LOL. thats kind of crazy. :]<br />
but i sent someone a message last night, they were trying to talk to me on yahoo.. but i was trying to sleep...<br />
so he's like.. 'why are you up'<br />
i said, 'boobz. goodnight'<br />
<br />

hahahaha my friend does stuff like this all the time! her husband is in afghanistan too (but hes in the army... hooah) and she always wakes up and texts him random ****! hahah well at least it wasnt anything horribly mean or false.