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I went to see it the night it came out, I never read the book.. but I didnt think it was as good as I THOUGHT it would be...
But what about you laides..? What did you like or not like about it?

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lol. i dontt hink i would if i were you,<br />
but hey, you might like it! :]

damn it lol I read the book but have yet to see the movie but now reading all this I dont think im gonna go see the movie

LOL<br />
i would've cired more had i been alone<br />
but i was with my bestfriend and her boyfriend, and it was just awkward..<br />
plus her and i havent seen each other in 6 months.. so we were talking alot. LOL<br />
1-10..<br />
i give it a.... 4?

I teared up during that part too, and after they had sex and she was just looking up and a tear came down...ugh that one got me!

LOL. the only time i teared up was when his dad died..<br />
because that made me think of preston and his dad.. so for the most part, i was dissapointed too!

The book was much better than the movie. Savannah definitely doesn't deserve John especially since he wasn't worth waiting for. I left pissy!

Thats hollywood for ya....

i agree with you!<br />
my friend said that in the book.. she doesnt even get back with the dude either.<br />
lol..<br />
<br />
i guess that was wasted excitement!

I didnt really like it everyone said the book was completley different, like the guy she married was way younger and didnt have a son he has a brother...idk the ending suckeddd. it just wont as good as i thought it would be...