It never fails.

The time i go down there its snowing and its not a little bit of snow either it's a good amount, plus i didn't really pay attention to his tiers till now, and they are in need of some new ones, but Matt has a guy he is buying tiers & rims for like 750$, (Down there)....ummm kinda needed em now...but i guess i just have to drive extra extra safe....atleast i know there wont be any rain on the way down there...

but, living with the parents again for these few days, seems wierd now!! Haha me & Bella didn't even sleep good last night, guess cuz im not use to sleeping there, hope tonight will be better...but ive never drivin this far, anyone got any good advice??

:) Thanks guys, Semper Fi

Graham31 Graham31
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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

Yea it does have 4WD...but idk if that will help much if the tiers are close to no tred on them, haha thats funny tho taylor swift kept you alive! He has a loud *** system in his truck so it keeps me pretty alert, and i drove to VA once to Kings Dominion, thats about a 4 1/2 hour drive from where i live, and that was a piece of cake, but no way i can drive a whole 14 hours! haha im stopping in birmingham to sleep!! lol