heyyyy everyone sooo i was reading thru old stories and just reminiscing and allll that lol...i was also talking to a few girls about this is my question...those of you who have done curious as to how you feel after the first one. sooooo many ppl are like "it never gets any easier!!" but idk  i dont really feel that way. i mean idk if its im more prepared and understand how this works or what but this deployment i worry but im not stressing it as much.  i feel like i adjusted quicker this time too idk if thats bc of it being back to back or if there are other girls who feel like 4 months in and it flewwwwww by so far. so im just curious...harder?? easier?? the same??


well ladies hope everyones weather gets better!!! it pouring here in LA :(


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I don't really know for me. I am kind of torn on this. On one hand it is easier because I know what to expect, I know the phases I will go through. I know that some days I will swell with pride at the thought of my boyfriend defending our freedom. Then there are other days when I get angry that I can't have a "normal" relationship where I can see or talk to him every day. There are other days when I dwell in my "woe boat" and just feel sorry for myself and want to cry. But I know now that all of these feelings are normal. This deployment has been a little bit harder because of the lack of communication compared to the Iraq deployment. But I do think it has in some ways been easier because it has seemed to go by faster. I am making sure to keep myself busy whereas last time I would just stay home and sulk. I can't believe that we are through our first month already! I still remember the day he left like it was yesterday. 1 month down, 6 to go! The milestones really help. I know that I am rambling, but in conclusion in some ways it is easier and in some ways it is harder. <br />
<br />
The one thing that I know about deployments is that it absolutely strengthens a relationship. The Iraq deployment saved us, and I think that this one will bring us towards our next step. We plan on moving in together when he gets back, and probably getting engaged shortly after that. He said that he is saving his combat pay to buy a ring! I am so happy to start the next phase of our lives so to all the Hajis: "Give me my boyfriend back soon!!!" LOL.....deployment brain again...maybe Brea will have something to say soon...

i think it ets harder but that depends on theperson.

ohhh yeah im deff starting to get hyped for R&R hahaha and its like 3-4 months off but still ahahaha im excited lol :):) he wrote today and was like at least feb only 28 days! hahaha thats positivity for that day caitlin! lol i died laughing and then was like well its true hahaha <br />
the 7 months to me last year seems to creep by like so slow..maybe its like im just not as uptight about the whole thing but we are happy we are a lil chunk into this lol and im so happy you had a good time on R&R!! he will be home b4 you know it!

yeah when i got the call from the for the other day saying there dates for return I WAS LIKE REALLY i dont think it has felt like 10/11 months has gone by its crazy i think my 7 month deployment went by slower lol but yeah R&R will come soon for you it got here pretty fast for me some days went better then others. :)

yeah i feel yea on that amber i can see how it would be different..idk chris and i were friends mostly thru the last one...i mean we werent together technichally but we were together lol [[i feel if your going to call me over your parents or gandparents you love me lol]] but i was a sobbing hated getting outta bed rolled outta bed for school basically lol and just wanted him home..this time its flying and him and i both feel its getting to feel like this deployments on cruise control and we are just doing it ya know?? i think bc we are together and just so stable that worry isnt there anymore i dont worry for our relationship i worry for him. hahaha b4 we know it he will be on R&R and then home lol hell i felt this deployment was going a lil faster when they gave him orders for a new unit already and he isnt even home lol!!!<br />
<br />
hahaha but thank girls i was very curious as to how you all felt about this.

it was raining here all day in NC :) and well as you know i have done the back to back as well and the first one for me was easy i think maining because we where dating and once we got married made this deployment super hard on me but at the same time it flew by and i knew what was to come soo it didnt stress me as much on some days soo yeah :)

hahaha yup yup 4 months today...hahaha aud we have 2 will either be in june or july....which is what we wanted...the later the better.<br />
<br />
yea anna thats how i feel i feel a lil better prepared for this one i think thts part of the reason as to why im not super psycho lol

yeah i think its just been easier bc we have pretty much been away from eachother more in 2 countries that it doesnt seem weird i guess....idk im worried but hell hes deff gotten to be on base more then i thought mostly bc they are picking and choosing when to send him out and PARTICULARLY with who to send him out... i know its gunna change here soon too for him and idk i guess bc i feel way more sane this deploymnet...last time i was a wreck!! lol 4 months down today only 9 to go!! super excited we are getting closer to it being doneeeeee!! :)

I think the second one is a tad easier because you do have a feel for it...and yet they all seem to end up being SO much different!<br />
This one has been a little less stressful for me because Brians been on base more than expected and I was prepared for worse than this. I can say there is definitely a comfort to knowing your guy is on base more often than not. Its easier. I know that now that I'm getting used to that it'll probably change again (which he of course is thrilled about) so I've gotta toughen back up and be ready for what I had been expecting in the first place.<br />
3 months have gone by pretty quick :) I can't wait to have it over though!