I got a letter from my Marine today! He is currently doing MCT at Camp Geiger. But he says its going great! And he actually said it was fun....? lol. But i have a question..do ALL units/fleets whatever theyre called go on deployements? Or is it just some?

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Yea, true.

yep that is the truth though i dont think it really hits us till they actually go

Ooh, I hope he really does pull them out by then.

Ughh, this sucks "/<br />
Thankfully he said if he ever does get deployed he wont be in the middle of everything..at least we hope so! <br />
Btw, he said one of his instructors told him that since January they were pulling out all the Marines out of Iraq..but they were also sending alot to Afghan.

He didnt say nthin about that..so I guess he will eventually get deployed.

i've never heard of a non deployable unit

he would know if he was going to be in a non deployable unit bc its put in thier contracts when they sign them..like when they say what they wanna actually do [[MOS]] they can request a non deployable unit...but more often then not he will deploy

His is Supply Admin. and OPS Clerk.

i know thats going to be the hard part watching him run past those bleachers i cant wait

=]!!!!!<br />
Its AMAZING!!!!! It really is!! I started tearing up when they did the moto run!<br />
ANd the first hug in 3 months is the best feeling ever!!!! :D

yes i'm going to family day and graduation with his mom and sister i'm so ready to see him

Aww, lol.<br />
Are you planning on going to his grad?

naw he's still at parris island he grads in april im so ready but i know him to well he will love it to he's weird like that lol

Yup! =] <br />
Is ur bf at MCT right now too?

they are crazy but we love em even more b/c they are

lol yea, i agree!

i dont know about the deployment but him saying its fun sounds like something my s/o would say men are weird like that