Best Letter I Could Of Ever Asked For!

So I have to give some background information on my guy and I to set up this letter. I met him last year when I transferred universities. He was in my political science class and right away I knew I had to find a way to talk to him. Of course I did and we ended up dating for about a month or two. Well its college and I just wasn't ready to commit.  We remained close friends but I put a halt on any romantic involvement at that point.

 Well in February of last year I had an event that completely shook who I was. I shut everyone out of my life EVERYONE except him. For some reason I knew that even when I felt like I could trust no one I could trust him. This is when I know I fell in love when him.  Well it was also about this time that I decided I wanted to join the Marine Corps. I was very excited about it and had been talking to him about it all the time. Well one day he asked me to set him up with my recruiter. And that's when it all started. He decided that joining the USMC was something he had to do and had to now RIGHT away. I on the other hand want to finish college and go the Officer route. 

I told him that I fully supported his decision fully. I was proud of what he wanted to do with his life.  We started going to the gym twice a day together and then would spend the rest of our time just hanging out together. but no matter what he was always around. Well eventually we figured out that we both were interested in more than a friendship. We talked about it vaguely (we are both CRAZY stubborn, him more than me). He then told me he wanted to be with me but only until he left for bootcamp. This really hurt me. We kept hanging out and such but it just wasn't the same. 

We started hanging out again right before he left for boot in December. Everything just came flooding back then, I could tell it did for him too. We talked until the very last minute we could before he left here. I have been writing him CONSTANTLY like I promised I would back in March 09 when he made his decision. I have been getting 1-3 letters a week from him and they have all been really sweet and cute. I know hes trying because hes horrible with girls. I was his first everything and the boy has no game so him being cutesy means a lot to me. 

I sent him a letter about Jan 15 telling him that I was still in love with him. That I had been and that I expected nothing in return from my confession but I just had to tell him.  I had been super anxious after sending that. Finally a day or two ago I got a letter from him......HE LOVES ME TOO.

He too had been waiting since last year to say it but was just too stubborn. I am sooooo excited I have been just so happy since I got that! I don't know what that means now though.

Does he want to be with me? I miss him sooooo much but that letter has made me ungodly happy.

I have read it so much I pretty much have all 5 pages memorized (yet I cant seem to remember my Arabic vocab words come test time).  Sorry I had to share, I'm just super excited!!!!!!!

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1 Response Feb 9, 2010

Aww thank you so much! Just hearing some one being supportive REALLY makes me happy. Not everyone around me 'gets it' what so ever! Hopefully your right that this situation changes how he see's things. Actually before I had told him or anything he had sent his best friend a letter saying that he did see things clearly now (regarding me). So it seems your EXACTLY right! Hopefully I will have good news to update you with and thank you for your support!!!!