I Made This For Alex.

Before he left for boot camp on October 13, 2009 I made him this video:



I just wanted to share it with you girls.


LittleDeviant LittleDeviant
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9 Responses Feb 9, 2010

nope :]

cute I loved it!!!!!

Ahh thats beautiful..i wish i had skills like you. When my marine get home and we take more pics i would do something like that.

Thanks guys, he really liked it too. Im glad you guys liked it :] I worked really hard to make it

Aw thats sweet i also teared up a bit!

that was freaking cute. and don't listen to the haters.

oh goodness, making me cry lol thanx! you did a great job, i bet he loved that.

ok so maybe its bc i am super emotional due to umm trey leaving tomorrow to go back to afgan but i teared up u did a good job :)

that was amazing my other half is in boot camp right now at PI