R&r Is Over

Hey girls so i just dropped trey off at the airport and watched him get on the plane to go back to afgan. Leaving him or saying goodbye wasnt as hard as i was preparing myself for it to be which was good. WE woke up way way way to early for my likeing we did stay up until like 12:30 which was dumb figuring we knew we needed to get up at 7 but ehh last night you all know how that goes. well we woke up i looked like a stright bum and we left watching him put his cammis on again was dreadful i felt like he was going on a whole nother deployment but i made it through we had a very quiet ride to the air port both a little tired. no music for some reason but it was nice just holding hand the whole way. well when we got to the air port we checked him in and they gave me a pass to go to the gate with him which was really nice of them and we ate some breakfast which was BOMB by the way lol and then we sat and talked and goofed off called my mom so she could say bye to him and ask stupid questions about taxes and well yeah so we waited for like 2 hours then got in the long line to get him checked in and x-rayed lol and about the time we got done they called his row for the plane and it was then our "see you laters" we kissed and kissed and hugged me not wanting him to leave people where staring and talking but who care the one man in cammis come on jacksonville clearly it has something to do with a deployment DUHHHH. well anyway soo i walked away hold my composure bc i know him leaving today is just a start of another count down just well 10 times shorter lol and i almost broke and cried on the way home when i realized he was actually going back bc up until i was listening to country in the car and i had no one to get mad over changing the radio station did i not realize that he wasnt gonna be home for a while again and i think our puppies know hes gone they are all a little moppy nike expecially shes known daddy the longest and well has been through this deployment with me shes deffinutly a survivor! but anyway i just wanted to share i have picture i took today at the airport and all the other ones up on facebook so if you have me check them out. these past 2 weeks where probally 2 of the best ive had in a long long time....


oo and fingers crossed on being preggo:)  Love you girls!

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Im happy for you that you guys had a great two weeks!!! Keep your head up your a strong girl, and ill deff keep my fingers crossed for you and him!! :D Cant wait to find out!!...Deff let us all know

glad to hear you are doing ok hun!! I'm a text or call away when you need :) this will go by so fast! and before you know it he'll be right back in jville with you!! chin up dear

oh the nike part is so sweet!! I'm here for you girl :]