What A Week

This week has been awful. My mom was put in the hospital, my car broke down, my computer is broken ANNNND this guy left me an 86$ tip at work and came back the next day and wanted it back! I told him absolutely not so now he's going to take me to court. Ohhhh and let's not forget that verizon says my bill is 409$ and cut my phone off yesterday. Bullshit. No way my bill is that high! I text Jason on my spare phone saying that I needed a hug and explained what's going on he said "el I need u to breathe for me, everything will work out". I feel really alone right now. On the flip side to all of this I am going to see Jason next month and he told me he'd be able to pick me up from the airport!!!!! Yay! Is it awful that I am flying 3000 miles to see my marine for two and a half days?
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Sorry to hear about your misfortunes in life. I hope your mom feel well soon. What is your work policy on returning tips to customer(s)? Maybe you can find out it's policy, do some internal research, and talk to its corporate lawyer asking for advice...he or she may be able to help you out so you can better prepare for the court date and maybe win. Don't go to court blindly or pay for another lawyer when you should talk to one for free where you work. Well, we all have bills problems. I've been there. Just be smart about your spending and look at the big picture instead of living day to day. Can you afford to go visit Jason with all the bills racking up? Maybe he can help out with the cost of the ticket. If he loves you and enjoys your company for 3 days, he wouldn't mind. He'll do the right thing. You just have to ask him to help you out. <br />
You're pretty, smart, and resourceful so be smart about things, guys, and life in general. Don't ever settle for less in life because you deserve more, much more only if you believe it is so. Have fun with Jason and forget about your woes when you're with him. My best always......................

I got him two pounds of his favorite brand of gummy bears a ton of snickers I got this pair of plain white boxers, painted my lips red with fabric paint and put kisses all over them! He's obsessed with that avatar movie so I got him a suhweeet avatar shirt and he has a man crush on Johnny depp so I got him januarys GQ magazine bc he was on the cover:) I found this card wiu a kid on the front who is smiling really big that says when your away, there's a big gap. And on the inside I says " I mith you " I think it'll make him smile! I really didn't get too creative this time.. I hope he likes everything.

aww what did u do for him for vday? u always have the cutest ideas!!

It was a cash tip and he had two beer on his tab. He's an absolute jerk and got banned from my bar for cussing out mymanagers. Then he called the cops who came and took my statement and tried to intimidate me into giving the dude the money back but I still told them " no " !!!!!! On the up side I just finished putting together jason's vday care package! I'm so excited about that, I really hope he loves it. I'm trying to focus on that.

While I'm waiting to hear some news, I thought I'd comment on your post!<br />
First of all, I hope your mom is okay. It's so hard to watch our parents get sick. I'm thinking about her!<br />
<br />
Next, I want to put in my 2-cents about that bafoon who thought he could take his tip back! I assume we're talking about a restaurant? While I was in college, I apprenticed for a law firm (paralegal), and, although laws vary by state, in general this goon has NOTHING in his corner. Did he pay by credit card? If so, your restaurant has his credit card receipt (tab), as well as his itemized order. His credit card receipt with his signature on it is a CONTRACT between him and the restaurant. So, assuming there's nothing he can prove negligent on the part of the restaurant,(he was overcharged, waitress punched numbers in wrong to credit card company, etc.), he doesn't have a leg to stand on. And no judge (aside from Judge Judy lol) will give him the time of day.<br />
<br />
Even if he paid cash - there's no paper trail. Therefore, he's outta luck, if he thinks he's gonna get some big bucks off of you or the place you work.<br />
<br />
If you did get some judge desperate enough to take his case, you or your attorney (small claims - you won't need an attorney) - you have MANY arguments. For example, was there any alcohol on his tab? Maybe he got tipsy and gave you a hefty tip, then saw what he did the next day, regretted it and tried to get his $ back. Or, maybe, you could argue, that he was trying to impress the people he was dining with ... or trying to impress YOU - a beautiful young woman. Then had 2nd thoughts. Or maybe his wife saw the receipt and got pissed. Maybe he's running around to every restaurant in town running some scam to make these restaurants feel bad, and give him free meals to make up for it. Who knows!!??<br />
<br />
If I had to put my money on it (which I don't have any, so don't hold me to this), you won't have to lay eyes on this ugly goon ever again.<br />
<br />
And as far as the rest of your misfortunes - d*mn, dear. It sucks as when it rains, it pours. I've been there, done that MANY times.<br />
But soooo glad you have your visit with your man to look forward to! Have fun!

lol i flew to san diego to see my boy for 3 1/2 days, it got turned into 4 because of the snow lol maybe that'll happen to you!! im sorry you're having such a craptastic week. that guy sooo cant take u to court, he gave u that money why should he get it back? stupid butthole. i hope your mom is ok!!! bad things always all happen at once but just keep looking up, things will get better!! lol you'll look back at this in like 6 months and laugh so dont even worry, just eat some ice cream you'll feel better homie!! as always if u need to vent we're all here!

:) I'm so excited to seehim!

I feel that same way:)

She lost her vision in her left eye and several minutes later regained a little vision then in the hospital she regained full vision. They ruled out cancer now but still think it's something bad. Jason made me feel better when he told me " I'm always here for u if u just need to vent or whatever el" but I still wish he was here to hug me, his hugs seem to make everything alright. Also I just paid to get my car fixed so today isn't a total flop. Now I just need to tackle that enormous phone bill. I feel like I'm missing a leg or something without my phone ya know.

I don't think it awful of you flying for a short time. I have done that with Justin before... I'm sure alot of us have! Just have a great time with him and enjoy every second when you do go :) Also, I'll keep your mom in my prayer! Is she ok??

Everyone needs to get away sometimes! Maybe the trip will do you some good, and take your mind off some of your other issues at least temporarily!