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My cousin is 19 years old and in the middle of her first divorce to an Army soldier. My feelings on the whole situations are "you reap what you sow".  You see she came down to visit me from Georgia and the first day she was here she was telling me how she sleeps around while he's gone. Mind you he is in Iraq fighting a war for her safety and her freedom and she repays him by cheating on him and spending his money. The first day she was down in miami she had sex with a family friend and I was so pissed. I wrote Alex a letter telling him what she did and how I felt and she found it. She told me she hoped I'd "die lonely". So we've barely spoken since then... I found out from my grandmother that he found out everything and he is coming home today from Iraq and he has enullment papers for her to sign. He only has 2 weeks here. She is faking a "road trip" to miami so that she'll be gone till he leaves or at least it'll seem that way. That way when he leaves she'll have another 6 months to drive his car and spend his money. I personally think that is so messed up, like I would never do that to someone but then again I possess something she does not and that is a good heart and loyalty.


So I wrote her husband a message on myspace telling him what she did and if he has to to take her to court for adultery and I'll testify against her. Its not hard to do that seeing as she has been texting me the last 2 hours telling me how my family doesnt love me, and how Im supposedly fat, and again that she hopes I die a lonely death. She also mentioned that she hopes my boyfriend cheats on me and whatnot. So I am going against family to support someone who deserves it. Am I wrong?

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lol hell yea! like a marine would settle for less :p

yeah at boot camp alex and his platoon established that marines have the prettiest girlfriends lol

absolutely not!!! its really good that your doing that for him, he deserves to know the truth and she sounds like a dumb **** and doesnt deserve her family backing her up when she's doing something soo wrong. good luck! and you arent fat you're super cute or u wouldnt have a marine bf! lol

She sounds like a tag chaser to meeee...What a *****...Sry but this story has heated me i dont see how anyone cound use someone like that, but thats reality and it happens everyday...Ppl like that will get excatley what they deserve, and she will prob die alone the rate she is going, karma will catch up to her.... but good job for standing up to her....Let us know what goes done later on...

Ugh - what a selfish tramp your cousin is!<br />
I'm proud of you for standing up for your beliefs - that takes a lot of courage. As far as his money goes, I would think that after he has filed the paper work (especially since they have not acquired any joint income, as they have been married less than a year - hence the annulment), that he can have his attorney take care of that joint bank account where she could not access it.<br />
Good luck - let us know how it progresses!

i am proud of you for standing up to her...shes just projecting when shes says those things bc she prolly couldnt take the distance and tme away and all that....shes just sooo far beyond like just telling him she wants it done and thats what she should do...not spend his money!!!! and sleep around!!! jesus i guess some of us arent born with consciences but really you gotta be way cold hearted to do something like that.

He tried doing that but she went to his First Seargent and he called him in Iraq and told him if he didn't put $675 in the account by 1 pm he would be arrested. She went to an all-time low. She's such a horrible person. While there married he's forced to help her out.

you're not wrong at all! good for you.<br />
<br />
as for him, recommend he move all of his money out of their joint account to one with just his name on it. he needs to cut her off from his money! I hope he's smart enough to see that! let us know what happens

You have something that she lacks "a conscious"! Your cousin was not ready for marriage! Nineteen is young, and it's a time in your life when your still discovering what you want, not that this excuses her actions! He's doing the right thing by divorcing her! When your that far away from home , and your life is placed in jeopardy on a regular basis the last thing that you need is a ***** for a wife at home, sleeping around placing you at risk for God only knows what type of STD's she might get and pass on! The fact that she wished death on you , her own cousin is beyond disgusting, but be aware that karma is real .What goes around will one day come right back around! Hilarious that a cheater would hope that your boyfriend cheats on you! You know misery loves company.Let her be miserable and alone and stay far away hun! You don't need the drama!