Supply Admin. and OPS Clerk...thats my bfs MOS..anyone have any insight as to what that is?


He will be at Camp Johnson right there with Camp Legeune and its only 30 days =]!!



Does anyone know whether or not they are able to come home on the weekends during MOS?

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It all depends on what radius they are allowed to travel on that boyfriend is station at Camp Lejuene and I only get to see him once a month if that lately because he doesn't get the amount needed then its alot longer

Lol thanks you guys!<br />
I talked to my JROTC teacher today..he was in the Marine Corp too but switched to Army...idk But he said that 30 days seemed unusually short..but i looked it up again and thats what it said..30 days! lol.

I don't know much about that MOS, but my husband went to MOS school at Camp Johnson, he's a mechanic. But his school was 4 months, 30 days is nice! I know when he was at school on certian weekends they could leave, but they could only travel within a certain radius (I can't remember what it was, definetly not Idaho where I was). If there is a 96 while he is at school they extend the radius, my husband went to Ohio for a 96 they got. It might be different for every school. He'll figure it out after he's there. And it might take awhile for his school to start, depending on if there is a wait.

go to and put in marine MOS and what his is and it should tell u what his job consists of and where his MOS will be its where i found my fiances info for him