I Am Freaking Out!!!!

ugh okay so Dustin txt me nd said he was stressed about a uniform inspection and it wasn't going to be good. i told him..."everything will be okay babe". then he txt back 'I'm so pissed off right now. I'm about to get into a fight." i told him he better not bcuz den we wont c eachothr this weekend nd jus all tht stuff. so then i told him to call me bcuz i wanted to try nd calm him. well he didnt nor did he txt back. i tried callin him nd nothing!!! im sooo scared girls

saundra9 saundra9
18-21, F
5 Responses Feb 10, 2010

mine does that he doesnt talk to anyone when hes mad once he's calmed down he should be fine

dont worry he's probably just pissed off and doesnt want to pick a fight with u since hes crabby lol. im sure hes fine!! hopefully doing something productive trying to calm himself down.

Seems like thats what they do for some entertainment, that and thunder dome!! lol matt tells me all about that ****.

he is probably walking around smoking or something. everything will be okay, if he knows it will get in between you coming up there then he wont fight anyone.

Yea, dont worry, they get in fights all the time. Maybe hes just tryna calm down.