Please Send Thoughts & Prayers

I'm just sitting here at my computer, killing time, waiting for some news, so I just thought I'd ask for as many prayers as I can muster up.

I got word this afternoon that dewqueen's (real name Kate) husband, David has been wounded in Afghanistan.  I don't have many details yet, but he has been taken to Germany for medical care and Kate has gone over there to be with him.

Any prayers for her and her husband would be appreciated and love to all.

Thank you

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8 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Oh my goodness, I'm praying! I'm praying! I hope to god he is okay and that all will be okay.

Omg my stomach sank and I want to cry for her...she and her husband are and will be in my prayers pls keep us updated and let her know we are all here for her.

they're both in my thoughts!! hope its all ok

will be praying for both of them for sure !

her and her husband will definately be in my prayers! let us know

Thanks for your prayers and personal messages!<br />
<br />
I've learned that Kate is not due to land in Germany until around 2 a.m. EST, so no news until, at earliest, tomorrow.<br />
<br />
Please keep the prayers coming!<br />
Love to all

Oh my God that is our worst fear. My heart just sank. I will definitely keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

sure thing girl! :) Keep us posted on his health