Hello Again <3

Hello girls!! I haven't posted a story since Steve returned home from deployment, so allow me to reintroduce myself to all of the new faces! I'm Sarah (20) and my Marine is Steve (22). We met in high school, and have been together for five years. My Marine is currently stationed at Lejeune in NC. He returned home from Afghanistan just in time for the holidays, and it was the best Christmas present I ever could have asked for! I haven't seen him since his leave, which ended about a month ago. He is coming home for the weekend and just in time for Valentine's Day!! We usually never do anything for Valentines Day, but this time around he's taking me out to a nice dinner! I'm going to get all dolled up and he's going to wear his uniform! God I love a man in uniform! Anyway, I'm going to bake him some really cute red velvet and funfetti cuppycakes! I also usually make him a CD with a bunch of songs that remind me of him. You know...all those cheesy songs lol. I can't wait!!!! I will attempt to post some pictures next week, but we'll see if my computer is feeling up to it! Wish me luck ladies!!! Sarah
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awww your so lucky to have yours with u on valentines day have fun

Haha aww...at least you got to see him!! That's adorable!!! It probably wouldn't matter to him if it got there in June lol. He's just going to be so happy to get it!! Thanks girl!! And pictures will be posted if technology allows it lol Crossing my fingers!! lol