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So as most of you know the northeast is going through a big snow storm. And also as most of you know I am supposed to leave for Jacksonville, NC tomorrow to see Paul for his weekend off. I live near philly so we are getting slamed with snow. we have about 2 & a half feet of snow already they say its going to be 3 & a half feet before its done snowing around 1 in the morning. I called greyhound to see if they will be up and running tomorrow night and they told me they are unsure at this moment but they are not running tonight and to call tomorrow 2 hours before my bus is supposed to leave but at this time they will not be running tomorrow morning and afternoon. So now I'm getting really scared that I will not be able to see him this weekend. I know I hate looking on the negative side but I'm just having a hard time right now. I just really needed to go down there this weekend to get away from the rest of my life just to stay there and be with him and just him and forget the rest of the world even exsits. Just get lost in our own little world like he's always done for me everytime the going gets rough. He just makes everything better always and I just dont want to worry him by telling him there might be a possiblity to not see each other this weekend because hes looking so foward to it so I'm not going to let him know unless its absolutly nessisary. I hope I dont have to have that convo with paul. And hear how upset he'll be.  I'm just hoping and praying that I will get to see him friday night as planned. So I am just asking you guys for help right now and get my mind off things and tell me happy stories of you and your loves. and other things just something to get my mind off of it all. I'm not asking for pitty(I hate pitty) thats not what I want just happy thoughts. =)

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K well that sux, that'll teach me to get my hopes up about anything to do with the stupid marines

lithfi: I dont know if it is typical, but it is what has happened to me so far.....I hope it improves but I have to get used to the fact that it might not. Truth is they really have no idea what communication will be like until they get there. It depends on where they are and what they are doing. M thought he would be able to contact me a lot more than he has. I don't mean to be Debbie Downer, but it is what it is....

hahahaha. it deff would be the funniest thing to see. me/any of us arriving on a plow. lol

haha i know!! i really wish i could ride a snow plow to cali to see my boy, though it may be a bit odd to do that since there isnt really snow there......lol

lol he so should! i bet your boy would crack up if you pulled up and jumped off a giant snow plow truck. just be like see babe i do whatever it takes to see you!! lol

awww yay for 17 days! and dont be nervous be excited. thats so exciting!!!! I know paul's gonna pop the question once hes done security school and we move in together. but I dont kow when exactually. so just be like yay!!!!!! I'm getting married! thats how I'm doing it. lol. and I'd never ask paul to pay for a plane ticket for me. I'd feel to bad. Because its his money not mine. I have my money he has his. he may have more than me but he works hard for it. and I work hard for mine. one day when we are married it will be different but till than I'll pay to see him not the other way around. idk thats just how I feel.<br />
hahahaha my uncle is incharge of it all he only personaly takes care of the hospitals in baltimore. everything else he just sends/assigns people to clear and checks every so many hours. so its not like he goes and plow. but he'd totally be like alright here we go lets go for a ride. lol.

aww yay those emails are so sweet. you only have talked to him 3 times in a month? is that like average? my boy is going to afghanistan in a month and he said he'd probably be able to talk to me every couple of days, so i guess thats not true? lol ok now im not happy ugh. anyhoo yay for uncle who will plow u out! maybe you can just hitch a ride on his big snow plow and he'll just bust through everything! lol

Hey, you know farther down the road we'll look back at this when were super angry with our hubbies and it'll remind us how much we love them :]. Don't fret I'm sure it'll all end well. You know maybe if you tell him he can buy you a plane ticket instead, talk about it with him. <br />
<br />
On better note here's a "cheer me up" ... um Alex gets out of MCT in 17 days and he said he's going to get me a ticket to go see him and I think he is going to ask me to marry him... I'm so nervous lol

I really hope it works out. I know its hard to stay positive but try. Good luck sweety

awwww yes deff what I wanted to hear. the possitive of it all. I want to hear possitive. I love possitive! =) that is so sweet and cute yay for 5 mins. 5 mins is better than nothing! =) stay strong girl. semper fi

Ok well here is my little happy story.....M is in Afghanistan right now and he has been sending me the sweetest most wonderful emails. The kind that truly warm my heart....here are some excerpts from my favorite emails:<br />
<br />
"I love you and yes you’re my lover my best friend the love of my life."<br />
"And the worrying about you thing that’s going to happen your my girl and I love you so I’m going to worry. I love you so much. I love you my Goddess."<br />
"I really miss laying next to you. I love you so much I want you to know that just know I love you and I will not rest till I get back safe in your arms. I love you very much hun and miss you like crazy."<br />
<br />
There are some better ones but I can't find them right now.......and I was able to talk to him last night around 3am for about 5 minutes only, but that 5 minutes was amazing. That is what I look forward to most, being able to hear his voice. He has been gone a month and I have only talked to him 3 times. I hope that is what you wanted to hear!

yea my uncle thats in charge of all the clearing in maryland. I'm from Baltimore. but live in NJ. but yea he says they will be clear by than. I told him to start working his *** off because I'll be so upset if not. and he said I cant have a crying niece. lol. so I know that will be clear. lol

hahahaha. yea I'm just trying to get my mind off of it all. I went for a walk in the snow. it felt good. then the falling snow made me think again and make me want to cry. but I'm praying for it to be open and up and running tomorrow night.

well hopefully by tomorrow night stuff will be up and running again. im sorry you have to go through the worry lol believe me i went through it and it sux i was so scared

I know. its redic. the bus station in DC and Baltimore is shut down too. and VA. and thats what I'm taking cause I can't afford to fly and I dont have my own car so yea. bus/train was my only opption but unfortantly the train station is about an hour and half away so bus was the only way to go since it goes right into jacksonville. lol

lol yea, im in the dc area and the whole place is shut down including the federal governement lol its bad!

well the city of philly is litilary shut down. like the mayor shut it down. and when I called greyhoud they told me they will be closed tomorrow morning and afternoon. they are still unsure about tomorrow night and to call 2 hours before I leave to see if they are up and running.<br />
<br />
I was deff jumping out of my skin to see him. my face hurt from smiling so much but with my chances of having memory problems later in life are high since I already have problems. and I wasn't telling her to stress over the pics I was telling her to take pics they are so much fun to look at afterwards and he'll laugh at some of them being like why did u take a pic of me like that. like I have pics of him just zoning. I'm a bit of a photographer so I take pics of the little moments and turn them into art.

no it'll be ok!! i went to visit my boy in san diego just a few days ago and it was when the snow first started so i was sooo upset because i was convinced i wouldnt be able to go so i know exactly what u are going through!! i got to go, im sure u will be able to as well. the snow should be over by friday lol. but yea believe me i was so bitchy and cranky to everyone and i just kept crying because i just knew i wasnt going to be able to go lol but it ended up ok so dont worry to much. keeping my fingers crossed!! :)

I put together a scrap book for paul. Its good for him and you to have the memories shenell forever. I toke so many its redic. you have to give him time with fam too so you'll have plenty of time to take the pics while your standing back watching him reunite with fam they want to see him just as bad as u do and durning the actual grad its self you'll have plent of time. I had 300 some pics to chose from plus the ones his dad toke for my scrapbook. and I was plenty of excited if you all remember my story of ellbowing the handicaped man just to get to him. lol. but that wasn't my fault it was the guys handeler fault. I just wanted to remember that day forever so I made sure to take pics.

Awwww Yay!!!!!!!! 6 weeks thats awesome! I loved pauls graduation take lots of pics!!!!! =)

i've got 6 more weeks b4 my recruit graduates im counting down im so excited the time has past alot faster than i thought

aww i'm sorry! my fiancee was planning to take a greyhound to NC for MCT a few days ago, and due to that same snow storm he had to buy a plane ticket instead.<br />
I hope you can still see him somehow :/<br />
<br />
everything happens for a reason :) i know that probably doesnt help in a situation like this though haha