Just Passing The Time...

So...I don't really have much to update on but I figure, why not share anyway??! lol.


 Well, in 5 days Lucas and I have our one year anniversary.  i sent him a package this week full of like valentines day and anniversary mushy stuff (we all know how the boys love the mushy stuff). Oh and a zombie movie.  He's got a thing for zombies.  haha.  I wanted to get it out there in time for v-day and all, but clearly that didn't happen. 


I haven't heard from Lucas since his short message a few days ago, but that's totally okay with me. You go 3 months and you learn to love getting a small fb message LOL. 

 Hmm exactly 2 weeks from today I'll have 5 months of this deployment down and it feels awesome.  its flying by! I guess the deployment might be longer though now, I'm not really sure what the deal with this new job of his is.  SO I'm just crossing my fingers that my whole countdown doesn't get thrown off!



OHHH funny story.  Haha.  So you know how you recognize all those things about your guy in other guys, and it gets super strong when they're gone? Well, I was walking in the hall to my dorm the other day and a boy walked by.  This boy smelled EXACTLY and i mean EXACTLY  like Lucas.  I swear to god I almost fainted.  I felt like a character in a soap opera or something.  I literally had to brace myself on a wall.  I guess seperation will do that too ya sometimes...lol.



hope you all have a lovely evening :)

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4 Responses Feb 11, 2010

yay almost 5 months!!!!! congrats! hoping it doesnt get extended for u guys. lol i cant go into hollister anymore, the whole stupid place smells like my boy and last time i went in there i started crying lol, a little bit embarrassing :)

Lol i think i would have done the same! Congrats on the 5 months i really hope things work out for u! Before jason left he gave me a teddy and sprayed his deo on it and said see now we can be together at night lol he's such a dork but seriously it feels like he's right there next to me!

Lol yeah buy the cologne he wears, I have alexs' He either wears cool water or ed hardy's but either way I have them both and I spray it on my pillow so I smell him near me at night lol.. I know that sounds silly but it works

Lol aw sweety hang in there my fingers are crossed i hope your deployment doesn't get extended!