Planning A Wedding <3

If anyone knows how to plan a wedding along with the Marine Corps changing everything every 2 seconds let me know! haha

My fiancee is in MCT right now, after that he will attend his MOS school for about 4 months (we think), then after that this summer we'd like to get married.

any tips would be helpful, or things about a Military wedding would be cool to hear too.

Thanks (:



jtwgirl18 jtwgirl18
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4 Responses Feb 11, 2010

So, im actually planning my wedding right now.. Iv planned things according to change. Its a little frustrating when plans change but if you need any help just ask!!

i'm thinking it will just be going to a courthouse, getting married, then a reception...<br />
I would love to have a wedding, but i'll take what i can get lol

hahaha that what he says lol

A Vegas wedding is pretty Marine Corps proof :P