Its Ok Ladies

thanx girls. ya'll were right, he was just cooling off. As soon as he was calm he called me. my flight leaves tomarrow morning and im sooo excited, i can hardly wait. although I'm kind of afraid that ma flight can be canceled because of snow storm. I'm tryin to stay positive. as soon as i get back i ill let ya'll know how it went. I'm so nervous iv never flown before, so if ya'll have any tips let me know!


saundra9 saundra9
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Aww! Im glad things went great!<br />
As for flyingg..i have no idea! But the girl that commented above me seemed to have pretty good tips! =]

Heyy =] My Marine does the same thing when he gets mad. lol.<br />
As for flying..i have only done it 4 times so far, but after the first time, you're a pro. lol.<br />
My First Flight i got lucky and we had NO turbulence, it was awesome! but the 2nd one we had a little, but i just figured out that if you're worried look at everyone else, and if they arent Freaking out, then you are perfectly fine. lol. I sat in the middle, and when the landing gear folds up under you, its pretty loud. lol. If you are sitting by the window..try and be the first one in your group to board so that you dont have to squeeze past people to get to your seat..cause there isnt much room at all between the seats. lol. <br />
In the security, try putting most of your stuff like jewelry and makeup in a clear bag and take it out of your purse when you put it on the belt, makes everything muchh easier lol. But be sure to keep an eye on it cause sometimes ppl before you will grab it! Wear shoes that are fast and easy to put on and off cause you have to take them off to get through security, and make sure to Take all keys and money out of your pockets =]