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So lets see I have only been dating my guy for about a month, I have never dated anyone in the military before. I guess I just want to make sure that I have people I can talk to who knows what its like because none of my friends date or even agree with dating someone in the military, none the less a marine. I am not even sure what to write. I just want to make sure that I am doing everything to support him which is what I guess I am a part of this website, I know that I am going to need advise when situations arise. Well I hope to make friends :D

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Hey Im Tiffany Im 19 and my husbands name is Tanner he is 20..We meet in our high school gym He is also a Marine.. We have been dating for 3 years and just got married on January 2nd 2010..This wed site is amazing..! Welcome!

I've dated marines and was engaged last year to one.. ummm... you'll be fine.. the deployments are tough, that's for sure. But there are so many support groups for u to go to and stuff, especially this group- it's awesome if your man is deployed! What unit is your husband with? I have a LOT of friends who are Marine Wives and also a lot of Marine friends on Pendleton- pretty much all over pendleton from san clemente to main side. And why do you only get to see him on the weekends?

hey i'm shannon and 24. michael is 22 and stationed in okinawa,japan. we've been together off and on for almost 5 years and we should be getting engaged anytime now! welcome =)

welcome!! Im Paulina im 23 and my bf is in 29 palms, we've been together 3 months and im also new here, feel free to write any time!! =)

hi im caitlin 19 chris is 20 and he and i are currently doing our second deployment....feelfree to hit me up...where do you live?

Hey im Kamrie my fiance is Kirk.. He just left for deployment feel free to message me!!

Hey I'm Lexi [20] and my Marine is Alex [22] lol. We've been together 8 months and he is currently away at MCT. Welcome to EP you'll love it here. Trust me :]

Hi I'm Liz, my marine is Brandon he's at pendleton for now but he goes to Afghanistan in a month. There are tons of great girls on here always willing to give advice. Good luck!!!

ello I'm Julia the love is Paul. both 19. Paul is at SOI in Jacksonville, NC. We've been togehter for about 9 months. Welcome to the site its a great place to just come and vent. if u ever need anything just message me I get on quite offten. =) And I love listening to stories and what you have to say.

Hey im amber 18 husband trey hes 22 we have been together for 5 years i have gone through boot, mos, mct, his getting stationed in japan and also 2 deployments but yeah. if you ever want to talk im here and welcome!

so far this website is awesome!! You ladies rock I finally feel like I have people that I can talk to and its nice to hear about you guys. I dont feel so alone

Hi, I am Lauren 19 and my boyfriend Ryan 19 is at Camp Pendleton until Sept whenever he will be deployed for the first time. This is my first military boyfriend as well. I have known him though for 6 years well knows of him we dated a year our 8th grade/ 9th grade year but then we sort of went different ways (our school had ove 700 kinds in just our class) then we met again when he got out of boot and we have been together ever since :) This website is amazing though dont hesitate at all to ask anything everyone on here is really nice.

Thanks ladies, my marine is in camp pendleton, for now, he is supposed to be deployed in September, I dont know what I am going to do. I only see him on the weekends as it as I cant imangine seeing him any less then I already do

Hey, I'm Kerry (:<br />
this site is great, there's tons of girls here.<br />
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Where is your Marine at currently?