Soooo Yeah

Not to get my hopes up, or see what everyone has to say (bad) about Preston buttt................

I think we're getting back together, he should be home this weekend if everything works out with his ride and stuff

and then we can spend Valentines day together. I've still been talking to him everyday and stuff and I think it will really work out.


So please, dont be angry with me. LOL. I'm really wanting to try to make it right this time....

and I promise I wont come on here to rant about him anymore, so you girs dont have to hear it.




Love you, Sarah

semperfilove semperfilove
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8 Responses Feb 11, 2010

lol i know.<br />
but before everyone was telling me to let him go,<br />
i was confused entirely too much<br />
but now i think it will work out.<br />
i'm not saying its going to happen now..<br />
because he plainly told me he didnt want to rush back into it.. so thats fine.<br />
but thank you ladies, and i know,. you will have something to say xD

lolll. if his cousin can bring him homeeee.

Yay for you!! Btw I agree with lithfi I'm so jealous you get him for Vday >.< lol

Aww yay!!!! So happy for you!! Good luck I'm sure everything will work out, I agree with everyone else, we aren't here to judge just to support you in whatever you decide is best for you. Plus we all need to rant and vent sometimes and no one gets sick of it if that's what u need to do! Good luck girly!!! I'm so jealous u get to see your boy on vday! Lol

lolll. ;]<br />
thank youzzzzzz.

well thank you ladies! seriously.<br />

hopefully things work out this time! I hate that feeling in the back and forth type relationship

:]]]]]]]<br />
<br />
i know. lol.<br />
i'm just not good with listening sometimes. xD