I'm having a bad week. lol I think I'm just really overwhelmed with school & all...and not being able to talk to Dave is making it that much harder. He's my everything, he's who I go to for anything, he's the one that is there for me the most even tho he's the farthest away. He sent me a birthday/Valentine's day present almost 2 weeks ago, & it still isn't here, even tho the post office said it would be here a week ago. & Valentine's day is our 1 yr anniversary (for dating that is..haha) & all these commercials about being with your loved one on Valentine's day & all my friends talkin about their plans. it's just, annoying? i guess.. lol I say us EP girls should get together and make our own Valentine's day commercial. How what we got for Valentine's day is a phone call & we're ECSTATIC! lol screw all the jewelry & chocolates. I wanna hear from my husband! lol & I also wanna say if you do get to spend Valentine's day with your sweetie, ENJOY IT!! =) cuz unlike the majority of people celebrating Valentine's day, you deserve it!! Idk what's wrong with me. maybe I'm just so tired of being alone. How is it I can be so surrounded by love & support  from family & friends, & still feel alone? Maybe cuz none of them understand?? Idk, I guess I just thought it would help to come on here & actually vent to some ladies that understand. so, thanks for listening!  & sorry if I was blabbering..well, cuz I was. haha hope you all have a good Valentine's day!



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thanks so much ladies. =) you're all right. & it would just be another day, & i'd try to tell myself that except for it's not just another day, because it's our anniversary. I guess on the plus side i only have to feel like this once instead of bein depressed for valentine's day and then our anniversary too (although I still have our wedding anniversary in September, & he'll be deployed for that =/ ) so yeah, just one day but it's kinda a double whammy so I'm even more depressed. lol & yeah, I'm ssoo sick of people not appreciating what they have. lol between the friends that are throwin a fit cuz they can't see their s/o for a day or two, & the friends that are complaining because "he is making me stay up & watch tv & I wanna go to bed" (no joke, direct quote from a friends' facebook status...pissed me off because I was like "do you know how many hours or days I would stay up in order to be able to watch tv with my husband??? heeellllloooo!!!" lol) its just ridiculous to see people act like that... but thanks ladies. you're so great! I knew talking to you would make me feel better, because every time I do, I realize I'm really not alone, & there's a ton of us. =) SEMPER FI!!

i feel the same way! i try to not talk to people about their valentines day plans lol it just depresses me. 2nd year in a row that ill be alone for vday and it still sux. i hate all the girls i work with who are being so freakin bitchy because their boy cant afford to take them to whatever place they want to go or they wont buy them the diamond whatever. i just wish people were more appreciative of what they have

speaking of commercials. a Jewelry commercial for vday just came on! hahah I hope your days get better (:

I feel the same way!! My friend and I are going out to eat together instead. Her marine is in hati and mine just left for a deployment. This is the second year in a row that i missed valetines with my fiance. Also the 2nd year in a row he spent his birthday in cali.. Im here if you need to talk cuz i am one lonely person right now!!

to be honest valentines day is just another day. don't let the commercials or friends or anything get to you. It is a lot harder when people don't understand the exact feeling and situation your going through. every one has tough days/weeks, I know there's times when I just would rather sleep all day but it won't get any easier like that. keep yourself busy and stay positive girl :) things will get better!