My Life Revolves Around Him?

okay so I kinda got into a bit of an argument over this the other day with a coworker. Here's the story... We went out for lunch and I realized I couldn't find my phone. I panicked thinking I'd lost it so I told my coworker to call it, still couldn't find it. I made him call the store and sure enough I left it at work. My coworker said don't worry, jeff isn't going to call. I jokingly asked a rhetorical question like what do you think my whole life revolves around him? He seriously answered yes. Words were exchanged because I don't feel exactly that way but that's not the main point.

I think I could speak for a lot of girls on here when I say for the most part we are pretty independent.  Most of us are either working or going to school, or both and DO NOT depend on our marine. All my coworkers and family and friends don't see that part though. They see the part where I get a phone call from jeff and I will stop what I am doing just to talk to him. Even if its on a friday or saturday night I would rather talk to him or hang out with him than with my friends. But is that such a bad thing? Of course when our marine is around we want to be with them, but we still have a life of our own right? Or am I being totally naive right now??

With deployment coming around the corner everyone is saying I am going to be alone and not know what to do. I am looking forward to getting this over with and come out of it stronger than ever. I used to be a very negative person and you'd think this deployment would make me worse but I'd like to say I'm more positive than ever.

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But Brian would be disappointed if he didn't get to finish! :/

Hahaha! I only have a few more months left...there's probably no point in boycotting at this point :P <br />
I wish I could've boycotted 4 years ago!

Your so right, us Marine girls HAVE to be independent in most ways, cause we can't depend on things changing every 5 seconds with the Marine Corps. lol Lets just say our life may revolve around hearing from them! haha

Of course. Thats why I said "I'm married, my life will always revolve around him." It just part of being married. You're not two individuals doing your own thing anymore, you're two people, joined as one, living your lives together.<br />
But the Marine Coprs force you to be independent even more so than normal...

i deff dont think thats all a marriage is is being dependent on eachother....yes its nice but lets face it we plan around them more than they plan around us WAY WAY WAYYYYY more. <br />
<br />
and as far as the dependent thing i have started as of last deployment to become less and less dependent on him...hes away in country more than home how can i be DEPENDENT on him??? i can to extent but hell he isnt there all the time to hold my hand thru things and to plan around his thought and his opinions is ****** hard im realizing...

I realized how much my life revolves around Brian a few weeks ago and I was a little frustrated!<br />
I can't plan the next step of my/our lives because EVERYTHING depends on something else at this point. I have to wait and see how the remaining time with the Marine Corps goes and then see how that affects his decision about school and/or work. Once I see what he wants, I can plan accordingly for work and school for myself. I feel like I'm becoming more and more independent during this deployment but I'm married, my life will always revolve around him (until I have children, then it'll revolve around them too).

I just have a problem with the way its worded, and I guess the way people say it. I just don't like when other people see it as once they leave we can no longer function. When most of us sure as hell would rather not but we still do.

Trust me we all do.. I've never met a military spouse who didnt cherish their time with their hubby lol besides my POS cousin lol [refer to prior story lol]

hahah sooo true. not everyone knows how it feels to not talk to your s/o all the time. Any time I get I cherish.

Lol tmarkeson that is so funny but I know if I was in that predicament I'd do the exact same thing lol. Nothing is going to get in the way of the limited if not nil communication between my marine and I lol. <br />
<br />
Your habits will probably annoy the world around you but just remember it's your life and if it annoys them they can walk away or not listen and best of all they can get OVER IT lol

Hi Lexi! I wouldn't let what they say get you down. I teach full time, so my husband and I rarely get to spend much time together. I know on Thursdays, I eat alone or go out with the girls because he is generally running field day. When my husband was gone over a month for training, my phone died, so I went to best buy and bought another that day because it would have killed me to miss a text or call. I kept telling the cashier, "I don't care how much it costs and I don't want to wait for a price check, I just want the phone. I haven't talked to my husband in over a week and I'm irritable." Needless to say, I was out the door with a new phone in no

oh yes! I seriously always carry my phone on me and am constantly checking it haha. i was like watch my habits are going to get worse when jeff gets deployed!

Hey I'm lexi and your absolutely right. Just try and remember not many people know what were going through right now so be patient with them and understand they may never understand what its like. If anything they are naive. We work, and go to school to further ourselves so that perhaps one day (like any relationship) we can make a more permanent arrangement like marriage or what have you. I probably would have gone back to my job to pick my phone up, Alex is in MCT and even knowing he can only call Sundays I still have it on me constantly constantly just because theres that small hope he'll randomly call and everyone else can get over it. :]