Bad Day!!

So, my fiance has left for deployment like 5 days ago and im finding it very hard to do anything.. I spent everyday with him, we did everything together.. i'v cried 3 days in a row. I have school and work but i don't seem to keep myself busy enough.. i have to sleep on the couch to fall asleep. The bed just don't seem right. I don't seem to want to eat supper. I hate making stuff for just one person.. Im just struggling i guess... Im proud of all the girls that can do this and show their pride in the usmc!! it takes a very special person to do what we do. I am proud of every single one of you including myself!! lol Have a good day..

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I wouldn't think twice about killing an innocent life to save someone I love. Neither would he.... When he made that vow he knew innocent lives would be's just the ways of war.....kill women and children who threaten the lives of him and his troops. I'd rather lose one life than thirty.

Guys just dont talk to him, he gets a rise out of us replying to his stupidity. If he comments act as if nothings there.

Nomack, lmao if your always on EP nose deep in our stories when do you find time to rape, murder or kidnap people. Your so sad but I understand you in ONE way, the more comments you leave the more I see what a sad person you are. Sitting behind your computer picking on girls who really don't give a crap about what you have to say. As soon as you see the girl gets bored with you, you move onto the next one but the one constant in your life is that people get bored with you, and in truth you affect no one. Hehehe.... retard!

Nomack- I'm beginning to think that you are just a weak b**** *** POG that got kicked out and your g/f cheated on you while you were deployed. That is if you even enlisted.......

that's just it archi, you don't do anything. we don't care about you, you don't scare anyone. all the girls are used to you and no ones gona argue with you anymore. do you want banned again? O:-)

Nomac - that's awesome that you wrote that! Did you not ******* realize that the threat you just made is illegal and she can have charges brought upon you? What you said is equivalent to you physically threatening harm. I'm apalled that you would stoop so low as to criticize someone you don't even know. Furthermore, I'm sorry to know that you have such low self esteem that you have to "fight" over the internet. I guess this is what you end up doing when you don't have the balls to enlist yourself. Pathetic excuse for a man, much less a US citizen.

I'm dont with you little one.

of course you dont silly. You dont care about anything. you've made that clear.

you have no power over us. you are sad.

**** HIM! he is a complete jerk!<br />
LADIES, we are worth a lot, we are all great women for supporting our men and are completely normal in feeling sad when they are off being brave in another country.<br />
<br />
people like this jerk do not matter in any way, he doesnt have ANY balls. Hes picking on us in a group where we're looking for support while our men are away. I bet he wouldnt say **** to our marines though, actually he wouldnt get a chance to because my marine wouldnt hear it.<br />
ps//we arent tag chasers you idiot, we are strong women standing behind our strong men who are doing what they believe to be right for our country.<br />
**** you.

I dont think a deployment is something to laugh at.. Hes over there for you freedom and u think its funny that im back home feeling miserable that hes gone...... anyways thanx girls for all you support.. lithfi i look forward to helping you next month...

aww babe! im sorry its been so hard for you. i havent been through a deployment either but my boy is going to afghanistan in a month so i know ill be exactly like you then. im sure it'll get easier once more time as passed. i think crying is a good thing, it would be bad if you werent upset right? lol i wish u all the best and expect a message from me in a month to ask how you got through it!

You are absolutely not alone in any way. I sleep on the couch a lot too, somehow the bed feels huge. It's going to take u some time to adjustbut you'll be fine. Times like this teach us to appreciate every moment we have with them. And it also makes u feel proud too that he's brave enough to do his job and you're brave enough to be his rock and msn thefort !!

Aw I'm so sorry your going through this love. Don't feel alone. We can all help you as much as possible. He'll be back before you know it. Eat some food girl!! Go to the gym and start writing in a journal to take up your time. Maybe take up yoga its super relaxing :]]]. im lexi btw