Stupid Snow!!!

My bf's family day was today. I couldn't go, but his mom booked a flight down south to be with him. BUT with all the blizzards up north, ALL the flights were CANCELED! No one was here for him on family day nor will they be there for him on graduation :(. I really do hope I get to see him on Valentine's Day now. I planned so much for this to fail...and it's my birthday too :(.Plus, I need to be there for him..ughh. Stupid blizzards..

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5 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Awww, that sucks "/<br />
But at least now you know hes on his way home :)

ok i just heard he's en route home, so i think everything will work out. i just wanted his family to be there for him u know? it made me so upset last night that he thought that his family was coming & that when he looked they didn't come & he was alone on family day :(. but apparently everything's fine now. he's graduated and coming home!!! let's just hope that the flights don't **** up again....<br />
oh btw i live in NY so i KNOW how bad snow can be lol

Wow I'm sorry to hear that, I thought I had it bad even though my flights werent cancelled, my bf's was (oaj to atl then atl to phl) well i guess it was dumb for us to not know that it's like worst winter in 100 years, especially in atl and philly!! but after reading your story, mine isnt that bad, i mean i saw his just a little over a month ago so you got it way worse. i hope that you will get to see him for vday/your bday though, keep your head high!

where in the south do you live? because even now, the south is getting snow. we got seven inches of snow here in dallas tx

OMG, thats so sad. :( But it was out of your control, and everything happens for a reason. Does he know what happened with the flights?