Idk What To Do.

I want to be with Ryan for the rest of my life and he wants to be with me. We both want to get married he wants to do it before he is deployed I want too as well, but our parents are not behind us on this. And being only 19 I understand why. He mainly wants to get married because he is a combat engineer and if anything happens to him or me he wants us to be able to know. He deploys in Sept. so 7 months. And he will be here all of Aug. We are going to wait to see how long he will be deployed though because we currently still don't know if it is less then 10 months I think I am going to wait but more then that idk. I am so confused and I have lost my best friend because she always talked bad about how him being in the Marines we won't last. I am not upset about it though, that is part of the reason why I moved was because I was getting tired of all the drama. But anyways I don't know anyone else here yet and so I turn to you girls what do you think? Is it a good idea to find out how long he will be gone first? I know that you should never get married unless you are ready, and believe me I am ready I just don't know about the parent situation.. I mean I can't just get married and act like I didn't then have a bigger wedding later and fool people :(

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Yeah ummm not a good idea to get married before a deployment me nad trey where engaged before we found out about his deployment and went ahead and got married and he has even said it stressful and BULLSHIT what we had to go through before D-DAY after getting married and seriously i agree with him and also Lexy you dont get married because hes leaving you get married bc you cant live with out him and oyu love him.... ooo and another think you just reminded me of my friend that said if her fiance was to get deployment she would want to be pregnant before he left so that if he didnt come home she would have a piece of him I WAS LIKE ARE YOU FU*KING KIDDING ME. Dont do it if its not soemthign you want to do. and your parents my parents hate trey well use to its your decision your feelings your life dont let them decide for you!

thank you all so much. both of our parents say that they accept the fact that we can go get married if we want too, and they say that they know that we are good for each other but they just say that if we really love each other then wait. And I would 100% agree with that if he wasn't in the Marines but he is and I always told myself I would wait until we went through at least one deployment just so we both could see what we were getting into. But I don't want to wait. I want to before he deploys it is just a HUGE step. Thank you all again :)

i think that if you want to get married then it doesnt matter how long hes going to be deployed, but dont just get married because of the deployment okay?<br />
I know first hand how hard marriage is and also how hard it is being divorced young. So make sure you are sure and then go for it babes!:)

yea i agree with these girls. do what is best for you and him. im sure your parents are just worried because you guys are young and he's in the military but if they care about you they'll support what makes you happy. even if his deployment is less then 10 months it probably wont be a lot less so i dunno if that should really play into your decision. go with your gut!! good luck! its a tough decsion.

hmmm, this situation seems tough. But i'd say worry about you and him, not your parents. Military does rush alot of things, but that doesn't mean it wont work or it's wrong. go with your heart! (: if you wanna get married, get married. you might regret it if you don't.<br />
<br />
but i do understand about holding back bc of the parents. Its a tough situation, but just take everything into consideration and one day at a time.<br />
I'm sure whichever you choose will work out for the best!