From Alex To Lexi <3

These are some texts Alex sent me. I saw some of the other girls posting there lovee dovee texts and I just felt like sharing so you can get a taste of how amazing he is lol:


"I love u because u love me back. I've never met someone so beautiful both inside and out, we share a lot of the same faults but thats ok with us, ur funny and smart."

"I love u because I feel that alone we arent even close to perfect but together we are. I love ur drive to b better and respect ur strength."

"No my sexiness is for u only and I thought of u the whole day i love u"

"Lexi?"... "I love you"

"Me too baby I got a funny questions though"... "Would you prefer to get married here or cali?"...I told him Miami cause I want our families there and he said "R family can fly their fat butts where we want lmao" ... "I would do it anywhere as long as it happens :p"

"Baby are you happy?"... so I said of course my love why and he said.. "Lol cuz Im happy and I wanted to know if u were 2" so I said why are you happy and he said "Because I have  u and no matter what happens later I have u now and its all good :)"

I asked him what he wanted for my future and he said "I want u to be happy and successful with watever u do and for u to have someone that will treat u as u deserve and this is wishful thinkin but it would b nice if ur family was nicer to u" so I said someone?? and he said "lol well if something crazy happens I still want someone that wont hurt you"

"Yes but I'm ur man and I have to take care of you"

"I can give you a home.. not yet but I can" ----> after MOS lol

"I love you baby I'll call you in the next airport and dont worry Im not leavin u for nothin"

"I want to marry you...  I read the note in my wallet its going to replace the picture for now Im carrying it everywhere and Im never leavin u"

"Good morning my love I dont know if they take my fone today so just in case I love u and I hope u never forget that" then I replied and he said "what are you doing up !!! Go to sleep my babe... te amo"

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oh nomack its pretty cute that u still have hope that somebody may ever like anyone as pathetic, disgusting and im guessing ugly as you! happy valentines day!!

What nomack? Someone gonna turn you down again tonight when you beg pathetically for them to just look at you? You need most emphasis on 'MIGHT get lucky' lol you're right you are fun!

yea.. he had fun which makes me happy even if hes a butthead lol

I fell asleep last night like, I can't believe Brandon went there lol but I'm happy you got your Vday phone call that makes it better!

woohoo vday phone calls!! i got mine this morning, i got a happy vday and an update about the ***** club hmmm lol

Liz pay no mind to those guys they don't deserve it!! I'll have a another update today after our Vday phone call!

umm wow nomack you're a pathetic person. lexi i love the texts from your man, so awesome.

In that case, Enjoy. :) ..and I'll continue to disregard your comments.

If you don't like my stories just don't read them. Thanks.

I'm the farthest thing from a weak humanbeing. You on the other hand are a poor excuse for a man. Men don't pick on women number one, number two real men would never kick a woman while they're down.<br />
I'm not afraid of you. <br />
bring it on little one.

I wasnt looking for a marine I didnt want a marine. Jason found me and Im happy he did. I love him.<br />
you are so pathetic. You should really stop hating so much.

this is not whining or bitching you cun t.

:) he is totally adorible!