Only 3months And He Wants To Get Married.. Should I Take Him Serious..?

Hello Girls

This is the first time i write in here, i always read your stories and they're all very interesting, I'm glad i joined this group and

missing him is not longer that bad...


I've been with him for 3 months now, he's stationed in 29 palms and these 3 months we've been through  a lot but I love him really really much

I'm older than him, I'm 23 and he's 20 but we don't care ab that tho.

So, the thing is he's been talking ab getting married,  go look for rings and those kinda stuff...I really adore him he has made soooo happy and

he says he's 10000% sure I'm the right girl for him.... her mom thinks that too and even though me and her only met online, she always helps whenever I'm having a hard time with him being away, she says im good for him and she's glad we're together...

As he's very young Idk if i should take him serious ab this... cause u know it's only been 3 months and idk if it's cause he sees his other friends married already or if he is really been serious ab wanting to marry me..


what do u think?

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I think u should gey married now me an my boyfriend have been goin out for 4months an bren knowin each other since 10th grade an he is in da marines an he ask me to marry him i said yes im 18 an he 20i dnt care bout datin an stuff i love him an um a faithful type of person i been wit somebody for 3years an was finn get married but da dude was a *** an my boyfriendnow help me an a gave me good AAA dvice an look at us now

:( i dont even want to think ab that... I know i have to but noooooooooooo! i wont let him go ever! lol... they'll have to fight me first ... jk

haha ok lexy come to NC and steal band i lol :) <br />
<br />
and no its not its sorta who we are for some reason and just like i cut his toenail he told me the first time in afgan when he needed them to be cut he almost cried bc i wasnt there to do them lol. hes a baby lol. and they help sometimes but nike the pit mix has seperation problems so whenever trey leaves she gets depressed and starts being a dumb b*tch to me and detroys things when she knows its not wanted when hes home and after hes been done for a while shes a angel. but thye help keep me busy.

i think the "announcing your physical necesities" thing is a couple issue!!! hahaha jk.. :P<br />
<br />
at least you have many doggies to take care of when he's not around, i guess it helps a little right?<br />
and 2 hour massage, lucky u!! i sooo need one right now, my neck hurts so bad!

haha lexy yeah trey annouces everything also lol he said one thing he wont do is watch me take a **** but when he is on the toliet he will tell me to get him TP lol im like GROSS BABE and once i was like did a animal die in the house bc our husky does like killing small animals and bringing them in for mommy :) and hes like noooo and like put his head down i was like thats gross but we laugh and make jokes and talk about it i mean when its a bad **** hes like i just excorsied a small child in the toliet lol but anyway we are gross as well. <br />
<br />
and yeah a lifetime isnt long enough i learn new things but i know the basic's about trey like what annoys him and how he annoys me and blah blah blah lol yeah i am a dog lover more than anything i have 3 getting a new puppy next week i have a husky that was rescued from a kill shelter and had lyme diease and now is all better i have a pit beagle that was recused from the kill shelter in jacksonville and i have a aussie that if i wouldnt have adopted her she would have gone to a shelter as well and the one i am getting next week is a aussie as well and i just want him hes adorable but i love for helping dogs i mean i go to school for something completely different but they are my passion (its snowing here and as soon as i got home after i peed for like 20 min lol) i went out back and had a snow ball fight with them ... they loved it didnt understand what the fluffy stuff was that mommy kept hitting them with but not they are having fun running in and out ruining my kitchen as usual and i love it. and my husbands really the same way he wants me to finish school first though so we have more money for me to do what i want with my rescue and be able to make it the most i can and i wont do a certian breed i wil do all dogs in the kill shelter i can possible save and have foster homes for them then have people adopt from me making sure they get a awesome home. but anyway now taht i told you my whole life plan lol. valentines day he was home for R&R from jan 25 to feb 10th soo he is back in afgan right now soo i am gettin a 2 hour massage on sunday but we celebrated vday before he left and i got a beautiful heart diamond necklace and i got him a new wedding band for when he gets home. and he sent me roses yesterday just bc he knew i would be having a hard day :) EPPP I LOVE HIM. but yeah. i just think you should be able to cherish the little things like going through new experiences with him deployments PCSing and just everything it makes you stronger and when you go through this you realize you are stronger and better in your relationship then you ever thought you would be :)

thank u amber and nice to meet u, i just read ur post and yeah I totally agree that u can't ge to know a person in 3 months..a whole life isn't enough sometimes and I as I said earlier to emily, we talked about it and we'll try to make thinks work in order to have a future together, we're gonna save up all this year and then decide if we're both ready to marriage, i think he would propose this year no matter what i say haha, but we'll wait and do things right. <br />
One thing I love about him is that he suppoorts me in all my decisions, like I already finished my carrer, I'm starting my masters next year but he's the one who sticks around my plans, I try to encourage him to do all the things he wants to achieve and more... I don't want him to live my life and my goals, he has to have his owns you know... but I totally get it when you say to enjoy each step in the relationship, who knows what could happen later..<br />
I think it's super cute what you want to do, (the shelter) I looooove animals, specially dogs so everytime I run into a dog i have to pet him. How cool he ecourages you to do it! that shows how much he cares about you being happy. <br />
thanks for taking the time to write me =)<br />
are u doing something for him on valentines??

luvofalifetime: <br />
aww!! that's really love at first sight :) how cute and u 2 must be very proud of being together after 7 years... wish u the best, and I hope to someday tell a story like this to someone else =)

Im amber :) im 18 married to my husband who is 22 we have been together for 5 years (o and my foot has my wedding date on it and in italian it says Forever yours my hero) but anyway Im with lexy me and her where actually taling about this the other day dont rush enjoy dating and engagment and every little thing you can and i believe you a little about knowing him and what not but you cant know him and you cant fit years of being together into 3 months im sorry you just cant there are things i didnt know about trey till we got engaged and im glad i knew them i know somethings that NO ONE not even his mom knows about him and Caitlin trey does the same thing and then i change it lol bc i didnt like what he finally picked out and he sleeps on the right side as well with the fan on full blast. he is a sucker for a cute face (aka all 4 dogs we have) we want a girl first mainly bc i want to 2 girls he wants a boy and girl but we can change that. he hopes i have twins everyday for some unknown reason lol. i know he is a nerd he loves star wars and legos and we both enjoy coloring as if we where 5 year olds. <br />
but anyway back to you yeah audrey you are Right that no one can say DONT GET MARRIED but from experience the hard times me and my husband had where not until 1 and half years of being together but they made us stronger there where days when i wasnt sure if he was the right person to be waiting for but then i soon realized he is hes the only man i love the way i do. and when my husband was home on R&R we talked and i asked him when he knew i was the one and he said it just came to him like he Loved me but not until one day which he cant pin point btw did he know that he WAS IN LOVE WITH ME. and thats the thing you may love him and he may love you but waiting and dating and seeing all the flaws a quirks and the little things like my husband being a corn ball when hes around me bc i still to this day give him butterflies and as does he for me and how he sent me roses for the first time yesterday just because he knew i would need a pick me up right after he left to go back to afgan. how he is going to let me start a rescue in my home for dogs saving pets from kill shelters is what i want to do i feel complete and he says if it makes you happy little things also are you ready to drop your life and career if he PCS's ? what are you goals can you still accomplish them??? i mean i knew we would get married before i went to college and now i am going to college when i didnt think i ever would and i love it. he pushes me and i push him to be the best marine the best man that he can be i cut his toenail (i know gross i hate feet) and i clip his finger nails i give him back massages all the time i love cooking him dinner and when he tried to cook i SUPERVISE just in case. All i am saying is enjoy dating enjoy having a ring on your finger for an engagment and showing it off and introducing him as your FIANCE dont just jump and get married bc everything changes when you are married and i mean EVERYTHING nothing is a secret anymore (put it this way have you ever seen your BF take a ****?????) believe me get married and you will NO SECRETS i dont know its your life ultimatly but try to wait and enjoy a love relationship and engagment and savory the time bc you cant take back valuable things you learn when you are dating someone.!

o and i was only 17 when he asked!!

My husband propossed to me after only 3 weeks of knowing eachother and dating. <br />
7 years later and were still together. We have had our share of problems but we always work thorught them and if you love him like you say you do then go fo it!

nice to meet u Lexy, im Paulina im also living in cali right now but movin to arizona soon, <br />
and yes i like it slow too lol... he's the one who wants to get married but we talked ab it and we'll wait and see if by the end of this year we both feel ready. =) what part in cali?

if you feel its right in your heart and you feel like you cant live without him then DO IT!<br />

Oh Nice to meet you Emily, i was just looking at your pics from your weeding you both look so happy i dont think you would be able to hide it if u want to lol...<br />
congrats!!<br />
<br />
and yeah my baby is a keeper!! we'll see how things go but married or not i wont let him go! that's for sure!!

hey girls you're all awesome, i like it the fact you all aswer sincerely, and not just to be nice.<br />
<br />
I do love him more than anything in this world, and he's the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, im sure of that. He's the best man i ever met, I know all his flaws and all he wants in life, but yeah as u all said i dont feel ready for marriage, we've been talking ab it lately and we decided that we're gonna spend all this year working in our relationship and planning for the future, we're opening a saving account so in case we do feel ready for the end of this year, we'll get married if i still feel like i need more time then we'll just use the money for vacations or to fly and se each other, or then just keep saving the money.. =)<br />
<br />
Im happy for all u, feels like u all support your guys 1000% and have a great relationships.<br />
It's so funny what u (CnC2509 ) said about ur guy tries 5 black shirts before going out and he wanting a boy before girl so he can take care of them, Mike also want it like that.. i mean like if having a marine dad wasn't enough right? but i think it's cute tho, he says he wants a boy so he can teach him how to play football. =)<br />
<br />
And i just kinda confused.. so who's amber? the one who's married to matt? im new girls, tell me your names please...and so you married matt after 4 months? <br />
<br />
let me know your stories, and thanks for sharing your opinions...<br />
<br />
oh oh guess what?? Mike just texted me this morning and he's comming visit me tomorrow, he's out in the field and i was not going to see him till march 12 but they gave him one day to come back!!!<br />
im so happy we're gonna celebrate valetine's day together :)<br />
<br />
by the way im Paulina

okay...first off age is a numbre how you present yourself and what your mentaity and what your able to handle is different...yes somethings come with age but depending on the person it varies...<br />
<br />
im 19 chris is 20 [[soon to be 21]] and we whole heartely are ready to get married....and these girls have pointed out some very good points. i have only been dating chris a year and 7 days but i know him, i make it a point to MAKE him talk to me and eventually i didnt have to ask there just things you learn about them. LIKE....chris will try on 5 different shirts b4 we go out and they are all black, when we eat out he always orders some form of pasta, when hes in the car me there or not his music is blaring screamo ****! [[which i hate but its growing on me lol]], chris wants to have a boy first b4 a girl so the brother can take care of her when hes not there, it doesnt matter if we are going down the street or on a trip HE WILL always put on cologne and deo to make sure he smells good [[he has weird phobia about that lol]], he always sleeps on the right side of the bed, window has to be open and he doesnt wear a shirt just basketball shorts, he hates the cold, loves my moms salsa, and CANT STAND that i ask "why" all the time lol things like that. some of those i learned when we were "friends" doing the last deployment and others i learned when i got home and we spent time actually together. we have broken up very early in our relationship due to my fault but at that moment i learned what i wanted more than was him....and he no matter how disappointed in me LOVED me enough to keep talking to working it out. <br />
<br />
on the other hand i would like to remind you that 3 months is sooo short that this man [[if you do decide to marry him]] is a package deal...2 for the price of 1....meaning you marry him and the Marine Corps....i dont feel you fully understand the Marine Corps at 3 months...i didnt and 3 months in we were doing a deployment. idk deployments for me are make or will strengthen you as a couple or tear you apart. for us the deployments make us stronger and we learn more about eachother and im slowly learning to let him in just a little more, im learning to ask from help from him bc i trust him....[[which my trust issues are insane lol]] we are currently doing another deployment and this is 13 months. we have spent more time apart in 2 countries then both even on US soil. idk i am chris gf...we will get married but the right way for us is him asking my father, brother or mom...proposing and being home long enough to have a ceremony. and i agree 100% we also will be living together b4 we get married to see any other quirks we may not know of. <br />
<br />
sooooo i guess all in all i cant tell you if your ready persay but i do think you need to look at the whole picture. Think to yourself about how you feel, how would you feel if he wasnt in your life?? can you handle him being away for 7-12+ months with little to n communication? think about how well you know him...<br />
<br />
the answer is with you not us

yes they where random questions but i didnt learn most of the answers from trey until like our 3rd year dating lol. and i love my husband quirks to and i dont think 3 months is enough tim to know and to learn to love all of them even the ones that **** you off but thats just me and the fact she is asking us just sorta means shes not really ready and is second guessing which is ok thats what you are suppose to do so you can see if it is right i seconded guess me and trey before we got married but then i thought and thought and realized i loved him more then anything and he was the love of my life and i really dont think you can determine that after 3 months and i mean 4 months is also a short tiem but clearly you guys make it work i may just be a stickler for years of knowing each other lol

OK i am married and me and my husband have been together for 5 years married for one in a month. and i am young. i am 18 almost 19 hes 22 and i can tell you this i know everything there is to know about my husband we have had the hard times in our relationship that we needed to have to make each other realize how much we needed each other and i know hes the man i am going to spend the rest of my life with no matter what through better or worse. <br />
<br />
now to you I dont want to be a ***** but seriously think about this how much do you honestly know about the guy you are soo in love with i know that you have dated him for 3 months but seriously how well do you know him. do you know what he wants to do after the marine corp, how many kids he wants, how mant girls hes slept with, what kind of music he likes does he like dogs better then cats, how many animals would he want, when he wants to start trying for kids, whats his favorite color, does he forget to put the toliet seat down, and what ever else you dont know that honestly i believe if you got married before you where ready and before you knew some of these things you are going to end up fighting and no one wants that im not saying that its a total lost cause and your crazy but i kind feel that way you need to know this person inside and out know his hopes and dreams and everything else. but honestly its your life and whatever you want t odo with it is up to you!

I think if u 100% sure this is the guy for u do it! But if u feel u not ready then don't i know there's alot of people that get married after short periods of being together but everyone of them said that they know they couldn't and wouldn't have it any other way! Its alright to wait and see and u are allowed to wait if u want to just explain it and think about it more carefully.

It doesn't matter what he wants. what you need to ask yourself is if you really love, love him as you're in so much love that if he was in the palms you would still want to marry him. don't think that you should just amrry him cause he's in the service but because you really want to be married to this person.

Yeah you right, i know im not gonna get the answer from here, i just thought u guys could help me clear my head...<br />
<br />
I do love him and would looove to be with him forever, but also take marriage very serious and I know is not ab how much in love u are ti the gu but about how much you work as a couple. right?<br />
<br />
So whenever he tells me something ab that I just tell him I would like to spend more time together and se how things go...<br />
<br />
I was just wondering if he's really serious ab it.. <br />
<br />
Thanks Panda =) are u married to ur marine or are u his gf?