Ahh! I Havent Been On In Foreverrr.....

Ahh! i miss you ladies!!

haha sorry i went kinda MIA but i needed a little break from here ya know?! Sometimes all the stories make me think to hard and eh, whatev!! haha. Welll Brandon and I are WONDERFUL!! we are planning on the first week of April still to get married, We have been looking online at apartments and shiz so if any of yall know about Pendleton please share the wealth of knowledge!! :))

If all goes as planned Brandon isnt supposed to be leaving til August, but he has been hearing rumors about MARCH! im gonna go crazy!! but im tough and so is he and everything will be ok in the end!! we just gotta stay strong!!

how have all of you ladies been?!? please catch me up/introduce yourself therre are so many new girls i cant keep up!! ahaha

oh and if yall dont know me im Michelle-18 and my fiance is Brandon-19 he is at MOS school and im stuck in GA we have been together for 4years September!! :)) 

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Emily: haha ya this site can be heavy but ya know all things need breaks every now and again! <br />
nice too meet ya btw :)<br />
<br />
Sam!!: I saw that your getting married!! CONGRATS girl!! thats awesome!! i cant wait too hear all about it!!! <br />
<br />
Elizabeth: Pendleton? thats cool Brandon goes there next week for his duty station im so ready to be there w/ him its driving me crazy but im dealing! :) Ya it actually snowed here last night!! it NEVER snows here! haha<br />
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Amber!: HEy girl! i missed you too!! how are you?!? How was R&R!!? <br />
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elupchurch: sorry i dont remember your name :)) im horrible with them! We are looking EVERYWHERE for places just in case we cant get on base besides we both stubborn so we want whereever it is to be "perfect"

Congrats!! <br />
Pendleton! Thats where Jason is right now!<br />
why dont you guys live on base? I think the housing is pretty sweet!


Aw yay girl i'm glad things are going well holding thumbs on your wedding and that it all works out. Jason and i are getting married in July and i'm also kind of hoping things works out for us. Welcome back!