He Felt Like Writing Me A Poem...

My babe is out in the field and I just got a text that says check your facebook inbox when you wake up boobear!


he wrote me this

 February 12 at 5:16pm

Here is a poem im making as i go....here it goes....from the moment i met u paulina this felt too good to be true...but i continued to follow my feelings and there was nothing i could do...each day my love grew more n more....n i knew i had the perfect woman and that i was gonna score....we both got scared about gettin together...and now look at us we dont ever wanna leave each other....the days go by so fast now...and when i think ab it i dont even know how...and when it all is said and done paulina meneses ....it is you who i can see and want to spend forever with and u best believe ur stuck with me:)...i love u boobear i hope u like it i know its short but i felt like writing u a poem

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I know he's no the best writer but i loved it!! can't wait to see him tomorrow

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lol! the "awww award" haha... but he does huh? love him!!

he gets the awww award lol