Shoe Is On The Other Foot....

Wow.... there are a lot of new girls...

First of all I havent logged into e.p since the summer...

second of all... i am not a gf/fiance/wife of a marine.... just a bff..

Third the reason why i decided to come back was to check up on you ladies.... I see that some of you got married... congrats... :]

Fourth... my boyfriend Michael of 9 months is thinking about joining the marines.... I am happy bc I know that he will do great at anything he puts his mind on... im just starting to get nervous..

babykg babykg
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2010

yeah i have seen and been through similar things... but this time im not a bff.. this time id b a gf... i know you girls always have great advice.. i will surely come to you girls with all my questions lol.