Good News About The Offensive

Check this out ladies....a bit of good news after such a stressful day....maybe I can go to bed soon....doubt it....

Caligirl125 Caligirl125
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my prayers are with all of you girls and your men..

I was really happy to see after virtually a sleepless night, things went way better than planned and the casualties were kept way way way below what was anticipated!!

no i wouldnt everyone knew it was going to happen i wouldnt worry about its the news we all know thats going to be part of this. just gotta stay strong and eat lots of ice cream lol

Thanks hun I appreciate it. When I posted this there were no casualties. I debated deleting it, but I think we all knew it was inevitable. Should I delete it?

thanks tracey for posting this it made me feel a little better but i have a feeling with there being casualtis i wont hear from trey until it dies down which is gonna suck bc i want to know hes ok :/ also in case caitlin didnt tell you my husband does troop movemnt over there he tracks it and casualties so if you ever want to know something and you are worried my husband can tell me everyhing but names so find me on facebook and if you ever have questions just ask me :) we gotta stick together

yeah im so tired and have to get up early to finish packing and pack the cars full of crap...but everytime i close my eyes i freak out.....idk i wont miss his email or call so idk why im trippin im just freaking out bc i feel like imma dream bad tonight im kinda afraid...<br />
<br />
we will get thru this we have eachother...we'll get thru...promise

Yeah I'm not sleeping......I am going to keep checking this for a few more hours at least....hope you can sleep know we will get through this

try and get some sleep here if you need me...thanks for this made me feel a little better....NTB