He's Home!!!

Hey girls! I haven't updated in a while, I've been busy with Tyler and some other stuff. So I didn't get the chance to write a story telling you guys that Michael was flying home Sunday for leave. The last time I talked to him was Thursday night on MySpace and he told me he was going to another base and staying the night so I wouldn't hear from him until sometime Saturday morning when he got back to his base.

Well I go to bed last night, thinking yay he'll be here in 48 hours. Around 1:15 this morning, my mom comes in my room and wakes me . She goes "come out to the living room I wanna tell you something" and I say " just tell me here I'm not getting up".. then mom says again "come out here I don't want to wake up Tyler" so I'm freaking out thinking something is wrong so I keep telling her no then my sister came in saying "get out here now" then it finally hits me and I said "he's out there isn't he?!" and then I see him walk in my room wearing his dress blues! He surprised me by coming home early. My whole family and his family knew but me.. they got me good!!

Ahh I love him! Now that he came early we can go out for V-day and everything! He's home for 2 1/2 weeks!! :) :)




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congrats girl! so lucky.. thats very cute too:) your lucky you have your man do something so cute for you.. i hope that you and your boy have a wonderful valentines together!

OH my goodness... this story made my heart race!! If Alex did that I think I would faint or something crazy dramatic like that lmao. Im sooooo happy for you. this story was adorable and made my day lol

That's so cute, i love it. <br />
Glad your man is home, must have been the best surprise in teh whole world :)

awww yay!! i love when they do that!!! my boy came home from quantico viper a day early and everyone knew but me!! my mom was like wow u need a shower and i was like well that was rude lol! and i came out of the shower all wet and SOO not cute looking and he was sitting there eating dinner! lol so silly. but yay im glad u gtot surprised!

that is so sweet! <br />
I would have hadto pinch myself aha.

Awwwwww!!!<br />
That was sooo sweet!!<br />
Have fun!