The More Optimism The Better!!

So I am extremely excited, and GRATEFUL [because I am very aware that a lot of girls won't receive this and I'm sorry] that Valentines Day falls on a Sunday this year. Alex still has 15 days left of MCT and he is only allowed phone calls on Sundays which means that I will be able to speak to him!! I wrote him one of those extremely lovee dovee letters in honor of Valentines Day and sent it a few days ago hoping it'll arrive just in time. *crosses fingers*

How are you ladies doing on this fine day? Hopefully great!

LittleDeviant LittleDeviant
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8 Responses Feb 13, 2010

OKay I will totally let you guys know in another update :]

I hope you get a call dear :) !!! Let us know!

..and Liz I'm so glad you did!!! I know it meant the world to you :]]

aww yay!! i hope u guys get to talk for awhile! i got to celebrate vday early with him :)

That sounds awesome lol. ENJOY!!! That's adorable that he thought about Vday ahead of time :]

Girl im getting a 2 hour massage on VDAY WOOT WOOT lol thanks to my hubby pre paying for it its also FREE :) hehe love it

I have my fingers crossed for you too!

Awww!!!<br />
Hopefully both our men get to call home on SUnday!!! :)