A Knot In My Stomach!

As most of you know my husband is deployed to afgan and well with him just getting back after R&R and now the Marjar offensive i am having a seriously rough time i am actually watching the news today which i have vowed to myself not to do while he is gone bc i stress out and the fact im trying to stay unstressed bc i could possibly be pregnant right now i find out in a couple days for sure and with all of this im worried and with the casualties of the british and even american troops since yesterday i wont hear from trey till things settle down bc he will be on lock down. im jsut worried and i know that there is about 7-8 girls that are feeling the same thing i am right now and i know the knot in my stomach is gonna stay there till i hear from trey and im sre it will b that way for most you girls as well. i know this is pointless post but im starting to stress and yeah but everyones men are in my prayers. stay strong ladies it will be over before we know it!

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haha yeah trey bought me LOTS of choacolate before he left soo YAY :) im stocked up :)

Oh man did you know that chocolate actually does help release endorphins so if your ever feeling down eat some chocolate ladies.. just not TOO much we gotta maintain our marine corp girlfriend figures

Thanks hun yeah i know its just getting worse the more i watch the news i am about to boycot it lol till this is over and hear from trey. and your right they are coming home to us :) no matter what and yeah im gettin to the zobie point and it probally doesnt help that i have been super tired the last couple days no matter how much i sleep but blah lol :) <br />
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i love you all too thanks for the prayers and happy thoughts for us:)

Awww hun chin up its gunna be okay....I'm here for you..I deff know exactly what u mean...last deployment chris was out on missions every couple of days but I have never felt this sick to my stomach about something. The only thing we know for sure is we have eachother, we understand and wee all need faith in that we will get through this. They are comming home to us. Period. End of story. If u need me I'm here for you, chin up we r in this with you. We r all acared all feeling sick and not sleeping...haha were gunna be zombies soon!! Lol tracy zombieland!!! Lmao!!!<br />
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I love you girlies!! Just get all the prayers good thoughts whatever it takes to give them good positivity...

yeah i know leah im trying to keep my head up just at a 3 musketier bar and it made me feel muc hmuch better :)

Try to keep in mind that although we are hearing nothing, our numbers of troops greatly exceeds the number of the taliban. Keep in mind the surge went wayyyy better than initially anticipated!! Things will start looking up :) they have to

Aw my fingers are crossed for you guys, It's going to be okay. Just keep your mind on that 'wanna be pregnant' mentality. I hope you hear from him soon. :]

aww hun!! you're both in my thoughts! i cant imagine what you're going through but stay strong girly! dont stress too much and fingers crossed about being pregnant! that would be soo amazing! good luck with everything!

love ya to hun and yeah trey was a fobbit in iraq didnt do anything that really stressed me out of course he wouldnt tell me any way but when trey was home on R&R he got drunk and divulged everything about afgan like him actually haveing to kill another human being that was trying to harm him and searcing trucks and seeing his best friend blow up (hes fin just his legs still messed up) and with this im stressing i slept decent last night mainly bc i didnt want to stress if i am pregnant i dont want to lose it this time bc i stress so im trying to breathe and not stress out which is hard for me to do at this moment :/ but i sent you a message so you could add me :) <br />
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and thanks hun

I will also keep everyone in my prayers, I havent gone through a deployement..but just with reading the news early this morning about the attacks puts me on the edge..stay strong all of you who have your men out there fighting.

Love ya girl....I know how you feel. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. With M's Iraq deployment he went on missions, but NOTHING like this. The good thing is that the initial surge is over. All we can do is take one day at a time. I slept only a few hours. He told me not to watch the news but the surest way to get me to do something is to tell me NOT to do it......LOL....<br />
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Send me a message and tell me how to add you on Facebook because I don't think I have you on there yet...