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I shared this a few months ago but I thought I would repost it for the new ladies.    I sit here with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.  I'm scared, yes.  At times I don't know what I'm doing, I feel lost.  The only thing I can do is remember why I agreed to be his girl.  Why I agreed to willingly put up this all this BS....


I almost forgot what I agreed to when I agreed to be your girl. 

I agreed to a hell of a lot more than just to love you with all my heart. 

I agreed to love you,

I agreed to love the Marines even when I may hate them for keeping you from me,

I agreed to willingly separate myself from you for months at a time,

I agreed to sit up at night waiting for a call or a text or something to remind me that you’re still out there- thinking of me,

I agreed to worry about you on the inside but stand tall on the outside,

I agreed to take any of the bullshit naysayers may dish my way,

I agreed to stand up for myself and you and the choices we have made and will make in the future,

I agreed to sleep alone at night without you but to always keep a spot warm and ready for when you return,

I agreed to hide my tears and fears, to be your rock for comfort and support,

I agreed to be your reminder that everything will be ok and we’ll be together again soon.


I’m sorry that I almost forgot these things that I promised you

I furthermore promise to never forget or doubt again

I will stand tall with your strength in my body

I will stand proud with your love in my heart

I will always and forever be your girl


... It's not hard to remember the good things.  My completely screwed up trip to Cali to visit you at DLI.  Our trip to NYC when you took me to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, you in uniform, me in a cute black dress walking around the streets of New York looking at Christmas lights and window displays, and going up the Empire State Building to the observatory.  I think the only finer sight I've ever seen was you sitting at the bar the night you re-entered my life. When we were at King's Point and I decided that yes, this is the life I want, this life with you.  The night you held me tight in your arms as I struggled to run, to get away from what scared me and you wouldn't let me.  You held me so tight that night,  I've never experienced before the love that I felt coming from you. The look on your face that told me you weren't going anywhere without you having to speak a word.  Thank you for making me smile when times are grey.  Even from the other side of the world, you make me laugh, you make me feel complete. You are the other part of me.  I love you. Keep my heart safe...

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8 Responses Feb 13, 2010

I'm sorry for the tears

I'm a bit emotional at the moment and this totally brought tears my to eyes.

so amazing.. me and my boy have been going through a rough time and this is a definent reminder of why i am with him.. thanks so much.. i am totally going to send this to him.. thanks again for this reminder.. its great..

this is amazing and so very true. thanks for the reminder of why we stick with our boys :) i'm Tori, by the way. i know i don't come here often but nice to meet you!

this was very touching brought tears to my eyes in my emotional state right now but great job and thanks for posting it!

Thank you and you're welcome. It helps me when times are tough so I know it's gotta to help someone else too. <br />
<br />
Nice to meet you Lexi, my name is Jennifer.

im gonna send this to my man! ive been having a hard time with him not being able to talk to me cuz of work. and this is a good reminder of why i AM with him... thanks!

wow this is so very touching. You write beautifully, and Im happy that your happy and that he didnt let you go. I'm Lexi btw :] Nice to meet ya