He's Back From Boot Camp!!!

Haha, right now he's at the mall with some of our guys friends picking out a phone. We're all so close that we call our friends the "extended family." I'll see him tmrw for V-Day!!! I'm so excited that my plans will work out perfectly. I talked to him on the phone, but I don't see him until tmrw. He's def the same guy, but he talked pretty fast. Oh, he's a bit more cockier I noticed, but it's not in a bad way lol. Yea, def a bit cockier :P, like bragging about himself. :P I get to see him tmrw & he wears his dress blues!! I'm so excited!! A bit nervous though. Haha, he sent me a pic and he did lose weight. His muscles were alrdy pretty big even b4 he left. Still nervous, but so excited!! Wish me luck :D.

jenny456 jenny456
4 Responses Feb 13, 2010

aw, you're so lucky!!!


good luck have fun

good luck!!! my babe comes to see me tomorrow too!! he was coming today but they let him como tomorrow instead! so happy!!! do u have his present ready?