Hello Ladies =))

It has been a long, long time since I've been on here!! Probably long enough that most of ya don't know who I am...except of course the girlies I still talk to regularly lol. Anyways I'll try to get on more :) I'm listening to my marine corps playlist right now and it just made me miss this site a lot! lol....anyways just a quick little bit about me then I'll try to be a little better about getting on here again haha....

My name is Hadassah...you can call me HD tho if it's easier lol...Kiara started that but I know my name is a little complicated so it works. My marine and I first met when I was 14 and he was 17, we lost touch until I was 17 when we ran back into each other (he had graduated HS, joined the corps, was stationed at Lejeune, and was home on leave when we ran back into each other). We spent the last few days of his leave together, I flew down to see him for a couple of weeks later on, we got engaged, and got married when I was 18 (long story short of course). We got married at the courthouse

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wow thats a long time for him not even being deployed :( Im sorry girl, I really hope it works out for ya this time!!!<br />
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Thanks Aud! Woot woot! Congrats girly =) Thats good that you guys will have that time before he leaves! Thats what they're saying for Aaron too...we shall see...I know what you mean about the hubby time! I was back in MI for almost all of December and was going to stay and go to school for a little while but I couldn't do I said F that I want time with my hubby!! lol really glad to hear things are going so good for ya!!!

Hey El :) nice to meet you too! My hubby is supposed to be deployed by then but its the MC so who knows for sure lol... where are you from?

hi!<br />
Im el, Jason is my s/o he's currently at Pendleton right now but he's transferring to Lejeune for Special Ops training in September!<br />
nice to meet you!

Grrr that annoys me....the last part was the most important! lol....aw thanks! Life just got a little crazy for awhile there...well no it got really crazy for a couple months is more like it lol. Oh thats good! Keeping busy is always the best way to go :) wow thats never fun :( he wasn't even deployed was he?! Or was he? lol sorry I'm trying to catch up and refresh my memory...ahh that would be so exciting! I hope it works out girl!!

Thanks girl! omg they changed EP a lotttt! lol how do you see the whole story? :( they cut off like 1/3 of it...I'm so lost lol...I'm great! December was awful but soo good now, thanks! How are you guys??